July 17, 2024

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Features 1200 Watts of light-weight Class D power into 4 ohms

Trace Elliot® enters a new period of innovation with the all-new TE-1200 bass amp head. Representing the brand’s first big product release of the new decade, the TE-1200 delivers 1200 Watts of bone-rattling true RMS power, 4-band equalization, the brand’s distinctive “Pre Shape 1” switch with included footswitch, and all the inputs/outputs modern bass players require. Whether players are on the biggest stages of the world, in the studio, or practicing from the comfort of home, the TE-1200 offers a multitude of helpful features that achieve excellent bass tone and, even more importantly, help to preserve it.

On the front panel of the TE-1200, players will find input gain and output level controls as well as lo-band and hi-band compressors. The audio signal is divided into two bands, each with a separate compressor and adjustable threshold. A separate switch activates the compressor functions for both low and high bands. The function, which illuminates when active, is also available on the footswitch. Directly below is the EQ pre/post compressor switch, which is set to a default position before equalization. When the switch is pressed, the compressor is moved to a point after equalization, and the switch illuminates.

Active controls on the TE-1200 adjust four separate equalization bands — bass, low mid, high mid, and treble — to customize the tone, and the footswitchable pre-shape introduces the distinctive Trace Elliot “Pre Shape 1” curve into the signal path. These controls are located next to the preamp input, which has a high impedance to allow for wide frequency response and dynamic range without loading the source. A quarter-inch headphone output allows for silent practice.

Trace Elliot TE-1200 rear panel

The rear panel of the TE-1200 allows players to get even more creative. Features include MIDI in/out, 4-button MIDI footswitch (with included 25-foot cable) for parallel control of the front panel switch functions, USB recording output/interface, and direct out (DI) to a mix console or analog recording device. Players can utilize the dual MIDI and preamp out/Power Amp In to run multiple units at the same time to accommodate even the biggest stages. Dual Neutrik combination Speakon/phone speaker output jacks have a 4 ohm minimum load. Pre and post-balanced XLR outputs with ground lift; preamp output/power amp input; footswitchable noiseless buffered effects loop and mute/tune; and buffered quarter-inch tuner/dry feed jack complete the rear panel controls.

Trace Elliot TE-1200 top panel

With its compact, 12-inch square footprint, and light weight of 11.5 pounds, the TE-1200 is a feature-loaded, highly portable bass amp head from the original bass amplification specialists. A padded gig bag and optional 1.5U rack mount kit are included.

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  • Gain control
  • 1200 bone-rattling watts of true RMS power!
  • Built-in Lo-Band/ Hi-Band Compressors with defeat switch (footswitchable)
  • Pre-shape switch for the classic Trace Elliot EQ curve (footswitchable)
  • 4 band equalization
  • EQ Pre/Post Compressor switch|Mute/Tune switch (footswitchable)
  • Input Gain and Output Level controls
  • Pre and Post balanced XLR outputs with Ground Lift
  • Headphone output|Four button MIDI footswitch with 25-foot cable included
  • Padded gig bag included
  • Optional 1.5U rackmount kit included|Noiseless buffered effects loop with level switch (footswitchable)
  • Preamp Output / Power Amp Input 1V(rms) master/slave loop|Buffered 1/4 tuner/dry feed jack
  • MIDI In and Out jacks|USB Recording Output/Interface
  • Dual Neutrik combination Speakon/phone speaker output jacks
  • 4 Ohm minimum load
  • Worldwide AC voltage selector

$1099.99 USD List

$999.99 USD MAP

Where to buy:

Learn more about the Trace Elliot TE-1200 and get a closer look at www.traceelliot.com.

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