July 9, 2024

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Mike’s Gig is a site born out of a passion for music and the tools that create it. We post articles on local up and coming bands and artists. Our concerts page lists free concerts featuring bands in your area. We cover live events and industry shows like NAMM and will post reviews and video to MikesGigTV. We will be bringing you news and reviews of the latest and greatest in music making gear as well as retrospectives on iconic products from the industry pioneers. Please enjoy your visit and feel free to join in with blog comments and postings of your “gig.”

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New product that you would like us to review? We only review products that are within the music industry like; guitars, keyboards, microphones, stage lighting, DJ equipment, speakers, amps, recording equipment, mixers, and artists and their gigs, etc.

For the manufacturer, this is the site where you can connect with your end users. Your customers can blog about your product and leave their opinions – good or bad. This candid feedback provides valuable information to help you improve your service or product – listen to them.

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