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Ultimate Jam Night “CHANGE Ab5” Show/Rally At Whisky A Go Go

Ultimate Jam Night, the long-running community-oriented music show in residency at the Whisky A Go Go and IMPU present “Change AB5” a night of music and unity to raise awareness surrounding the damaging effects of California’s new AB5 law on California’s music professionals. The event will be Tuesday, February 18, 2020 at the Whisky A […]

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New California Law A Nightmare For Musicians

California Assembly Bill 5 classifies independent musicians as employees rather than contractors. AB5, aka the “gig worker bill,” was initially designed to address perceived exploitation of Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash drivers by affording them basic labor protections. But by the time it became law in September, the measure had swept up many other participants in […]

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Get The Crowd Going and Coming

The internet can really help you promote and get crowds to your gig. Solo artists, bands, would want to get the crowd pumped so a show will be that much better. But first you need to bring them in and let them know where your gig is. Invite them to your gig with a Free […]

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Top paying States for Musicians

Occupational Employment and Wages for Musician State Employment Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage Employment per thousand workers California $35.02 Arizona $34.68 West Virginia  $34.11 New York $33.40 Connecticut $33.27 States with the highest concentration of workers for Musicians and Singers: State Employment Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage Employment per thousand workers Hawaii  $31.93 […]

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Prepare for the Recording Studio

Today, recording technology is very affordable and many musicians have some sort of home studio for capturing new ideas, recording demos, or even making full-blown albums.  However, professional recording studios are experienced and will make a big difference in your performance, ego and confidence. Leaving you to focus on your music and being the “artist”. […]

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Finding the right studio

New artists are having a difficult time getting a single recorded. is working hard for musicians. Musicians tells us that they are having a difficult time finding the right connections. We are now providing a directory of music industry contacts and resources that all musicians need. We believe that a musicians jobs is to […]