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Wes Hauch Demos The Seymour Duncan Diamondhead Multistage Distortion + Boost Pedal

Seymour Duncan Diamondhead Multistage Distortion + Boost pedal

Widely considered one of the best players in the modern metal scene, Wes Hauch’s reputation precedes him. Whether playing with The Faceless, Glass Casket, dropping a guest spot on Periphery II, or in Alluvial, Wes’ ferociously aggressive and immaculately clean playing cuts like a knife through the mix.  In this video, Wes shows the touch […]

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Your Heaven® Audio has created unique mic systems for capturing and recording the sound of acoustic musical instruments. The CloseUp® System is now available for Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Mandolin. The CloseUp® System provides you with the crisp, clean, natural-sounding recordings you’ve always wanted—in almost any environment. With five patents, the CloseUp® System captures the unique, authentic […]

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Tyson Tone Lab’s ‘Precious and Grace’ Pickups Reproduce the Legendary ’59 PAF Tone

Replicating the electromagnetic properties and mechanics behind vintage Gibson PAF humbuckers is one thing, but nailing the classic tonal flavor and unique feel is another. Tyson Tone Lab is proud to announce a new set of era-correct PAF humbuckers that are based on a particularly nice sounding pair of original 1959 PAFs. They are specifically […]

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Dean Markley Announces the ProMag 3050 Professional Acoustic Pickup

  Dean Markley USA announces the release of the new ProMag Professional 3050 acoustic pickup. This pickup continues the tradition of the high-performance ProMag series preferred and used by musicians such as Joe Walsh, Hank Williams Jr., and John Prine. The new acoustic pickup has individual, adjustable pole pieces for a customized output of each […]

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Sheptone Releases Jimmy Page Inspired Heartbreaker Pickups

After repeated requests from customers, Sheptone has created a set of pickups designed to capture the coveted tone of Jimmy Page. Aptly named the Heartbreakers; the pickups have distinguishing characteristics that are great for classic rock tones, especially those Page style riffs. To celebrate the new model, Sheptone has also launched a new website. The […]