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Tronical Shows an Automatic Guitar Tuning Breakthrough at NAMM 2015

The Robot Guitar Refined

It took Chris Adams 10 years to perfect the lightweight and foolproof auto-tuning system on the revolutionary Gibson Robot Guitar. Aggravated by the never-ending tuning process, he devised a system that would automatically tune a guitar in no time flat. While he was at it, Adams developed the robotic technology that allows the Robot Guitar to switch effortlessly between multiple tunings, keep a guitar perfectly intonated, and even tells you when to change strings.

Watch Chris demo the system on this video and you’ll agree that this system really works. And the price, $329 msrp, makes it a real no brainer. And on top of all this – its a non-invasive and reversible retrofit that doesn’t add any weight to the guitar’s headstock.


TC Electronic PolyTune 2

The look, fit and finish and feel of the product all say quality.

Yes, the Danes know industrial design. Look at their architecture, look at their furniture, look at their cars? (Zenvo ST1 for sure).  The unit comes in a tight cardboard shell of a package with an easy to understand visualization of the product within. Strum, tune, rock – that says it all.


The case is easily opened with almost any coin (except the Susan B. Anthony – she’s a bit thick) and most keys, to access the battery compartment. Plug in your guitar and WOW! That is one bright ass display! Very easy to see at a distance on even the darkest stage. Could double as a nightlight. Read the rest of this entry »


Mu-FX Introduces Authorized Reissue of Vintage Musitronics Mu-tron Octave Divider

Update: 12/3/2014

I had the opportunity last week to test the pre-production Mu-FX Octave Divider and compare it with a 1978 Musitronics Mutron Octave Divider. This new pedal is amazing. It is essentially an update of the original with better tracking and more control. Playing staccato it will track down to low B on a 5 string bass.

Control Wise

There are two overall modes – EFFECT,  and SOLO.

When engaging the EFFECT switch you now have control over the relative mix of BASS-the octave down with a TONE control, DRY-the unaltered input signal and RINGER distortion. You now can dial in just the right amount of octave and ringer – my favorite feature.

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Sell Your Music Online For Free

CD Baby launches a new free digital download service for musicians

CD Baby Free is the simplest way to sell downloads from your website, on your Facebook page, and at, the largest indie-only music store online.

With CD Baby Free, you set the selling price for each song, keep 85% of every sale, and get paid weekly. Plus, your fans can download CD-quality audio files!


Easy Setup

I went through the steps to sign up and upload a single from my band Magik Dayze. The instructions were easy to follow and there were no glitches in the system. Items to be ready for upload to make the process go smoothly: Read the rest of this entry »