Mono Introduces a New Line of Pedalboards at NAMM 2017

The new Mono M80 Series Pedalboards are sleek, sturdy and road-ready.

Cut and formed from a single piece of anodized aluminum these pedalboards come in four sizes and feature a flexible mounting system to accommodate different sizes and shapes of pedals. These will look great next to your Apple computer! Look for a full rundown review in the near future.

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DynaMount Remote Microphone Positioners Are A Game Changer For Studio Owners

No more running back and forth from control room to studio to position microphones

DynaMount has combined an XY plotter with an app to provide a new level of precision to producers and sound engineers for placing mics in the sweet spot in the recording studio. This product will remove the tedium and speed up workflows for one of the most mundane and frustrating tasks in the recording process.


X1-R Dual-Axis + 360° Rotation
With its dual-axis movement and rotation capabilities, the X1-R provides virtually unlimited tonal options and is incredibly versatile. Not only can it be used to position a mic for tone both laterally and on/off axis, the second axis can also be used for phase alignment when multiple mics are being used on one source. It is no surprise that the X1-R has been the go-to choice of top producers, engineers and artists in professional and project studios around the world for finding the sweetspot on guitar cabinets, bass cabinets, acoustic guitars, overheads, kick drums, pianos, cellos and anything else where mic placement matters.

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NAMM 2017 Is Now Over, and What a Great Show It Was!

Tradition and Innovation both thriving at Winter NAMM 2017

With a record 1,779 exhibitors and 106,928 attendees its impossible to see it all. But I tried, and walked over 27 miles in 5 days (the show starts for me on Wednesday with media preview day) at the Anaheim Convention Center. I concentrate my coverage on what is new, innovative and interesting – with a slant towards bass guitars. And I capture on video as many performances and interviews by great musicians from around the world as I can.

NAMM 2017 at the Anaheim Convention Center opens under cloudy skies.



Techra Carbon Fiber Drum Sticks

Innovative drum sticks produced from an injection molded carbon fiber polymer give drummers a green choice

techra drum sticks

TECHRA POLYMER carbon fiber drumsticks were developed to create balance, control, stiffness, vibration absorption, and durability. Because the weight of Techra sticks is the same as comparably sized sticks made of wood, the drummer can play with the same force and technique. A built-in anti-vibration device helps dissipate the natural vibrations of the drumsticks so the drummer can transmit maximum energy required to produce great sounds and to play long, demanding shows.

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Learn Music Software, Hardware, Tracking, Mixing and More at Groove3

My one year all-access pass at is drawing to a close — and its been groovey!

Groove3 is a video tutorial production company focused on serving the pro audio community. The tutorials at revolve around the world of music recording and include all facets of software, hardware and production. You can learn about DAWs, plug-ins, virtual instruments, real instruments (such as guitar, bass, drums and piano), stand-alone music production software and music theory.

The company was founded in 2003 by Asa Doyle and Antony Livoti and is based out of Austin Texas with satellite offices in Florida and California. Groove3 works closely with many pro audio manufacturers such as Apple, AVID, Cakewalk, IK Multimedia, iZotope, PreSonus, Universal Audio and others.

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Guitar Software and Plugins 2016–Peavey Revalver 4 Review

Peavey Revalver 4 is a powerful stand alone and plug-in amp and effects modeling software for guitar and bass

Revalver 4 starts as a  free download available directly from Peavey Electronics. The sign up, download and installation process is straight forward and intuitive. The software is robust yet does over tax your cpu and has an adjustable buffer from 16 to 2016 samples.

The free Revalver 4 package contains enough amps and effects to get you started with some great sound for guitar and bass. Then you can custom build your sounds by adding bundles and individual ala carte stomp boxes, effects, cabinets, amp models and profiles from the Peavey Revalver Amp Store. Prices for the add-ons start at $1.99. So, rather than spending hundreds of dollars for a bloated software that you may never fully utilize, you can pick and choose to your liking.

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