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CD Baby launches a new free digital download service for musicians

CD Baby Free is the simplest way to sell downloads from your website, on your Facebook page, and at, the largest indie-only music store online.

With CD Baby Free, you set the selling price for each song, keep 85% of every sale, and get paid weekly. Plus, your fans can download CD-quality audio files!


Easy Setup

I went through the steps to sign up and upload a single from my band Magik Dayze. The instructions were easy to follow and there were no glitches in the system. Items to be ready for upload to make the process go smoothly: Read the rest of this entry »


Publish Your Music On iTunes For Free!

Well, for the first song anyway. DistroKid launches a new more affordable digital publishing platform for musicians.

DistroKid was founded by Philip Kaplan in late May, 2013. He’s a web developer, programmer, and drummer in San Francisco, California who also runs Fandalism, which is one of the largest online communities of musicians.


The DistroKid website sports a very clean and straight-forward layout. It immediately offers a signup form with a claim that “your music will be in stores today.” Well, they’re not kidding. Read the rest of this entry »


Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Headphones Review – How are they after 36 months?

after repair

after repair

Update: Retreads Anyone?

After posting the following 36 month review I wondered what would happen if I returned my ATH-M50 phones to the factory. I went to the support page  that explains the easy procedure to return product for repair. I wrote a short and polite note about my disappointment with the build quality and asked them to dispose of the phones if they could not be repaired. I thought that was the end of it. To my surprise Read the rest of this entry »


NAMM 2013 Goes Into High Gear


Truss going up in Hall B for NAMM 2013 – photo by Lance Quinn

NAMM Show setup goes into high gear this week with opening day Wednesday, January 24. Nearly 100,000 people from 90 countries will gather in Anaheim to preview products from over 1,400 companies. The NAMM Show includes every imaginable music-related product along with lighting, DJ gear, music technology including apps and software for the professional and consumer, guitars, drums, synthesizers, band and orchestra instruments, studio recording equipment and more. Read the rest of this entry »