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Wyn Guitars 7 string bass at winter NAMM 2011

Randall Wyn Fullmer introduces his first 7-string bass at NAMM 2011 After a succesful career at Walt Disney Animation Studios, Randall went on to create his own “Beauty and the Beast” in the form of finely crafted bass guitars. Wyn Guitars was established in 2006 with Fullmer as both founder and sole luthier for the […]


Rated R American Music Awards 2010

Rihanna, “Love the Way You Lie (Part 2)” & “What’s My Name” and “Only Girl (In the World).” And the annual major-label popularity contest that is the American Music Awards gets underway with a shaky start. Rihanna can be captivating, as she is on much of “Rated R.” But after a brief few seconds of […]

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Nordy vP5 – Nordstrand Bass Guitars

This guy is already a legend! I had the pleasure of meeting with Carey Nordstrand at NAMM 2010 and playing one of his newest creations, the 5-string vP5. I had read for the past several years on Talkbass and others about various incarnations of Nordstrand pickups and electronics. From the rave reviews and dearth of […]