Sonarworks Releases SoundID Reference for Multichannel

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SoundID Reference for Multichannel enables anyone to calibrate their multichannel system on their own, in a simple, reliably accurate and consistent manner within an hour

If you own or are planning to build a multichannel studio for audio production, you’re probably aware of how important it is for your studio to have accurate reference sound. If your speakers don’t have the same frequency response, the tonality of a sound changes simply because you pan it across the room. If the time delays for your speakers are not set correctly, it means that your soundstage will be washed out as the same sound arrives to your ears at different times from different speakers. Obviously, none of this is good for sound production and most often leads to poor translation from your studio to the outside world.

SoundID Reference for Multichannel automatic microphone location system

Fixing these problems, however, is usually time-consuming and costly. We want to improve this situation by offering you SoundID Reference for Multichannel – a quick and easy-to-use software tool that brings consistent and reliable reference sound to your multi channel environment. You will find how your mixes will start translating better and as the SoundID Reference calibration process is simple and takes less than an hour, you’ll be able to recalibrate your system as soon as you change something about your room, maintaining the reference sound around you constantly.

After a decade of supporting music creators with its calibration software, Sonarworks has created the simplest way to calibrate multichannel studios with set-ups up to 9.1.6

Key features

Consistent measurements

One of the key features that SoundID Reference offers is the consistency of the sound between different measurements, different rooms, and different users. Our patented microphone location system together with 37 point measurement ensures that every time you do the measurement, you effortlessly follow the exact same measurement method. Through this process, the software then learns not only the frequency response of each measured point in your room but also the relative coordinates of these points. Thus our algorithms can be more intelligent about analyzing the acoustics of your room and calculating the proper calibration profile for your system. Reliably and consistently.

To deliver maximum precision of the frequency response measurements, our measurement microphone has been upgraded to feature multi-angle calibration profiles for 0, 30, and 90-degree angles, so that the most appropriate calibration curve can be selected for your ear-level or ceiling satellites. If you already own a SoundID Reference measurement microphone it will be backward compatible with this feature.

The result of this is that by using SoundID Reference for Multichannel you will always arrive at the same reference sound in your room. You will be able to discuss sound matters with your team also working on SoundID Reference sound without friction. And if you happen to travel & work between different studios, you’ll be able to quickly calibrate those rooms to work on the reference sound you know & trust.

Accurate time alignment of speaker channels

To hear a sharp and accurate sound stage, either your speakers must be precisely placed on a sphere around your sweetspot, or the time delays of your output channels must be precisely calculated with sub-millisecond accuracy. Especially so for the subwoofer which must be carefully time-aligned to the satellite speakers in order to work with them and not against them. SoundID Reference for Multichannel takes care of this challenge by accurately measuring the phase response of your speakers and calculating the time delay based on that. You will be surprised by how sharp your soundstage can sound when you hear the result.

If you’re an existing Reference 4 or SoundID Reference user, the upgrade price is starting from $249, while if you’re new to the SoundID Reference family, the full product price is $549. Note that for the price you’re getting not only the capability to calibrate your multichannel system but also the full power of the stereo and headphone calibration functions. Creators can also experience the program with unlimited functionality during a free 21-day trial by visiting

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