June 20, 2024

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For renowned luthiers and manufacturers, Graph Tech Guitar Labs’ TUSQ® Bridge Pins are a must-have whether for manufacturing or makeover.

Graph Tech Traditional and Presentation Man-Made Ivory TUSQ bridge pins will soon be available in a colorful double ring design paying an updated homage to Parisian inlays found in violin bows. TUSQ® Bird’s Eye Bridge Pins.

Graph Tech’s TUSQ® bridge pins were inspired by the realization that weight and the ability to transfer vibration makes a noticeable difference in the tone of an acoustic guitar. The more the top can flex, without being weighed down, there is a noticeable increase in bass tone and harmonics…TUSQ® bridge pins are precision engineered with 100% organic polymers, under high pressure and heat for consistency, removing grains, soft spots, and inconsistencies found in wood and bone bridge pins…

The new Birds Eye design really gives a beautifully unique look to any acoustic guitar,” Says Graph Tech founder Dave Dunwoodie, “But their beauty is more than skin deep. If you love form, function, and better tone, these really hit the mark.States Dave Dunwoodie, Graph Tech founder/Head Honcho

TUSQ® bridge pins are used on many brands of guitars including Gibson Acoustic Guitars and Martin Guitars for noticeably enhancing their instrument tone. 

Of course, installing TUSQ® Bridge Pins is probably one of the easiest upgrades for any guitarist –In the time it takes to install a set of strings, your acoustic guitar can look and sound better than ever.  TUSQ® bridge pins are available in Traditional and Presentation models to fit most acoustic guitars.

Available:  May 15th, 2023 

Product:    TUSQ® Bridge pins “Birds Eye

Where to buy:

MSRP: Starting at $29.95 for a set of 6

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