Connecting With Your Customer

How to market to your customer. Using facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Youtube.

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Contact Your Old Customer, Connect and  Create New Customers.

The most effective way of reaching new and old customers is through the Internet. It’s a difficult time to make it as a business selling to musicians without the internet, and Mikesgig is all about helping you to navigate these challenging waters to achieve your goals. From Simple Marketing plans, to great-looking blogging sites, e-mail blasts and helping you come up with content that will keep your musicians engaged and excited, we’re here to help you cultivate your customer base.

Web site

  • Update your existing site or upgrade for advanced features.
  • Custom web design or select one of our free web sites
  • Promote your site to google local search
  • Promote your site for higher search ranking
  • Sell product with an online shopping cart
  • Sell ad space – let your web site earn some money
  • Create an online community with blogging

E-mail Blast

Effective E-mail/Newsletter Design

  • e-mail send management
  • Links to our web site and increase your web site traffic

Social Media

Talk to and connect with your customers in facebook and twitter.

  • Promote your sales, bring people to your events, promote your internet store.
  • We set-up your social media network and walk you through the process.
  • Create pages in facebook, myspace, twitter and linkedin
  • Promote your sales and events

Event Promotion Page

An optimized web page on our site that promotes your clinics and events.

  • Increase attendance to clinics and events. Events are placed on a searchable calendar
  • Tools allow you to easily promote to facebook, twitter and more
  • Calendar is promoted to our network of subscribers
  • Links from our web and site increase your web site traffic
  • Thousands of people search for  events every day
Increase Your Business, …
Connect with your Old and
Acquire New Customers today!

Interested in Increasing your Sales goals today!

We can do it all for you!

  1. Internet Store
  2. Blogging Articles
  3. E-mail Balst
  4. Social Media
  5. Event Listing
  6. Weekly Content Uploads
  7. Facebook Promotions
  8. Press Releases

Are you ready to increase your visibility, promote your sales, promote your store or event, create an awareness about your business and take advantages of the Free offering that MikesGig has to offer?

Your Account Representative is here to help you. Start your program today!

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