July 19, 2024

UNITED STATES - JULY 06: NEWPORT JAZZ FESTIVAL Photo of BB KING, B.B King performing on stage (Photo by David Redfern/Redferns)

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B.B. King Icon Life Legacy Initiative Dedicated to Preserving the Life Achievements of one of America’s Greatest Songwriters

The B.B. King Music Company, owner of all rights to B.B. King likeness and related trademarks and copyright on behalf of the King Family Trust is pleased to announce a revitalized partnership with Gibson—the iconic American guitar brand–and the launch of the new B.B. King Icon Life Legacy Initiatives

September 16 marks B.B. King’s 96th Birthday; watch and share the following tribute video below, HERE.

“It has been a pleasure working with the Gibson team in developing a new line of B.B. King Signature Lucille guitars,” says Vassal Benford (Chairman, B.B. King Music Company). “I am especially proud of the forthcoming new Epiphone guitar and delivering a true work of art that will be broadly accessible, awakening B.B. King’s life and legacy to new artists. Gibson is a tremendous partner and they have demonstrated a sincere alignment with our mission to not only preserve the legacy of B.B. King, but to expose new artists to his music. This is just the beginning, a theatrical release biopic movie is near production, as well as the creation of ‘The B.B. King Experience’ as a touring show, and a residency experience in Las Vegas. We will also be creating a new catalog of music collaborations with contemporary artists, and several lines of new B.B. King products are in development. We are looking forward to October 19, 2021, official launch of the new Epiphone Lucille guitar with Gibson, plus much more.”

“B.B. King is a cornerstone of Gibson’s music history, and we are honored to bring his legendary music and persona to a new audience,” says Elizabeth Heidt, VP of Cultural Influence-Global, Gibson Brands. “From high-end Gibson Custom Shop guitars to more accessible Epiphone models we will be offering beautiful guitars for every fan to help carry on his vast music legacy.”

Designed to both preserve the iconic name of B.B. King and introduce his wealth of music to new audiences and generations around the world, a major component of the B.B. King Legacy initiative is to release a series of new music in multiple genres. Created with multiple contemporary artists, these recordings may include brand new songs featuring B.B. King lyrics, remixes, and new collaborations created from B.B. King master works. Given the magnitude of the artists collaborating there truly is no limit to what the Legacy of B.B. King will create!

The B.B. King Legacy Initiative will include the following below and more:

  • B.B. KingKing of The Blues – The Movie.
  • New Music Releases in multiple genres; Traditional, EDM, Hip-Hop, Country.
  • B.B. King Experience Tour 2022.
  • B.B. KING 24 Hour Blues TV Channel.
  • B.B. King Documentary Series, interviewing industry icons.
  • B.B. King New Educational Initiatives.
  • Expansion of the B.B. King Museum in Indianola, MS.
  • Expanded B.B. King merchandising.

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