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Richard Chycki Captures Dream Theater with Manley FORCE®

Known for his hard-hitting, hit-radio-friendly tracks, Richard Chycki has engineered albums for Rush, Aerosmith, Skillet, Mick Jagger, and many more. Chycki recently teamed up with Dream Theater to engineer their thirteenth (!) album. Tracking began in February 2015, and by the time the band was ready to record vocals, Chycki had acquired a new favorite […]

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NAMM 2012 Reviews

27th Annual TEC Awards Feature Fun and Good Music

Avid Wins TEC Award

Avid, Shure and SSL Big Winners at 2012 TEC Awards The annual award ceremony that is a cross between the Academy Awards and a Celebrity Roast kicked off with an introduction by the founder of the TEC Foundation and Mix Magazine,  David Schwartz. The band served up some tasty numbers with the help of guests […]

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The Head Woman at Manley Labs Talks Tubes…and more

EveAnna Manley opens the factory for the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society High-end audio, be it pro audio or audiophile, is deeply rooted in the vacuum tube. Audio purists believe that music reproduction systems built with tube circuits at their heart are the holy grail of “natural” sound. Manley Laboratories is all about the […]