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Win an iPod, Guitars, Strings, Amps, Speakers, Microphones, etc. Anything that you need for playing music. B

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How Does it Work?

  1. Complete the sign up form to be entered for a chance to win.
  2. Refer as many friends as you like to do the same. The more people who know about our giveaways the more prizes we can offer. So be sure to tell your friends. Our goal is 5,000 happy subscribers.
  3. Will ship to US addresses only. Must be over 18 to enter (ask your parent to sign up for you using their email) and other terms and conditions apply. One winner per home address.

Will I Get Spam?

You don’t have to worry about getting SPAM from us for two reasons:

1. Our comprehensive privacy policy

Our privacy policy specifies exactly what we do with the personal information you provide to us. We just need your general info.

We will let you know of any new giveaway. You can unsubscribe at any time – but why would you? That’s it.

2. We value our reputation for respecting your privacy

Maintaining our reputation is worth more to us than selling your personal information for a little extra income.

Comment. Be sure to let your friends know about our giveaway. It is totally Free to the lucky winner, and that includes shipping. Be sure to let us know any other Free or giveaway gadget that is related to Music or learning music, music gear that you need. We will keep it mind.

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