June 14, 2024

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Waves Audio, the world’s leading developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and plugins, announces Gold Plus and Platinum Plus – new, enhanced plugin subscription plans, each including exclusive bonus plugins that are not included in the standard Waves Gold and Waves Platinum bundles. 

With these plugin subscription plans, every music producer, novice or pro, can afford the same award-winning plugins used by countless GRAMMY®-winning producers, mixers and musicians in chart-topping sessions for Billie Eilish, Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Taylor Swift and countless more. 

The new, upgraded Platinum Plus subscription plan now adds four exclusive bonus plugins on top of the standard Waves Platinum bundle: the Waves Kramer Master Tape analog tape emulation plugin, the Infected Mushroom Pusher all-in-one mastering plugin, the Flow Motion FM Synth, and the OneKnob Louder compressor/limiter – for a total of 64 plugins for music production, mixing and mastering. 

The new Gold Plus subscription plan now adds two exclusive bonus plugins on top of the standard Waves Gold bundle – Infected Mushroom Pusher and Flow Motion FM Synth – for a total of 44 plugins

As an extra new bonus, Waves Gold Plus and Platinum Plus subscribers now also receive the exclusive mixing course “Producing & Mixing with Gold Plus” or “Producing & Mixing with Platinum Plus,” free with their subscription. 

The new Gold Plus and Platinum Plus plans are part of the Waves Music Maker Access subscription plans, which offer monthly and annual subscriptions for Waves’ best-selling, award-winning plugins. These plans include the most popular pro-quality plugin bundles in the music and audio industry, used by millions of music makers, from home producers to top pro GRAMMY winners.  

Waves Music Maker Access subscription plans start from only $6.99/month. All plans begin with a one-month free trial. Subscribers also receive unlimited lifetime plugin updates and premium customer service. Subscribers can cancel any time, no strings attached.  

In addition, subscribers to Gold Plus or Platinum Plus are eligible to choose a bonus Custom 5-Pack subscription for just an extra $7.99/month. Custom 5-Pack subscribers can choose five extra plugins from the massive Waves catalog, including popular plugins such as Waves Tune Real-Time, Vocal Rider, SSL plugins, CLA plugins and many more – to create their own custom subscription bundle. 

To learn more, visit the Waves Music Maker Access plugin subscription page: https://www.waves.com/subscriptions 

Gold Plus product page: www.waves.com/subscriptions/gold-plus 

Platinum Plus product page: www.waves.com/subscriptions/platinum-plus

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