Wathen Audiophile Unveils New Wathen CryoTone™ Guitar

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Adding to the company’s successful line of CryoTone™ Tubes, monitors and Components Wathen has announced the release of the NEW CryoTone Guitar™. 

What makes Wathen Cryotone Guitars different?

It is a result of our proprietary Deep Cryogenic Process. In essence, when a metal object is cast or formed for the first time its microstructure is randomly set, with flaws, while the metal cools and hardens. Wathen Deep Cryo rearranges the granular structure on with tighter grain alignment filling micro pits. This process greatly improves the quality of the metal by resetting the jumbled molecular structure to become more uniform and even. The process leads to a wide range of benefits for each of the individual parts of the guitar and a better overall product. The result is an improved tone and reduced resistance for a cleaner, clearer, and richer sound.

In addition, Wathen’s Deep Cryogenic process manipulates of the cellular structure of the Tonewoods. The treatment dries out the green moisture, in essence, relic-ing the guitar from the inside out. This process takes the instrument farther than simply speeding up the aging process but actually improves the quality of the Tonewood.

Our proprietary process uses the natural moisture sap and resin within the Tonewood to create a more resonant and sweeter sounding instrument

After individually processing the specific components Wathen completes each guitar with precision. Each instrument is meticulously hand rubbed with linseed oil to create a thin but protective finish that allows the wood to breathe and have excellent feel and a wonderful smooth finish. Linseed oil soaks into the surface of the wood accentuating and protecting the wood. The guitar can be rejuvenated anytime through the years by simply wiping the wood down with a fresh coat of linseed oil.

NOTE – Wathen never applies the commonly used nitrocellulose lacquers or polyurethane finishes on any CryoTone™ instrument. These finishes are like putting a plastic blanket on tone.

Wathen CryoTone™ Guitars include:

  • Our own Cryogenic processes makes Hardware like Bridges and Nuts have clearer richer sound transfer
  • Wathen Cryonized™Tonewood processing greatly improves resonance qualities and stability
  • Hand rubbed Oil finishing that allows the wood to breathe and sing unimpeded
  • Comfortable 60s stile Neck Profile
  • Polished Stainless Steel Frets
  • CryoTone™ brand Single Coil Alnico Pickups
  • Locking Tuners
  • Classic 3 way Switching Standard
  • Made in Kemah Texas

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