Surviving NAMM Part 1 – Planning For The Show

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A Survival Guide For The NAMM Show

namm-at-anaThe Winter NAMM show takes place in Anaheim, California every January. Its the most amazing place to be if you are a musician, gear head, love to listen to great musicians or want a chance meeting with the likes of Stevie Wonder.  If you’ve ever been to one, then you know what to expect. If you’ve NEVER been, its a little difficult to give a full picture of what you’re in for. The following guide contains secrets to survive NAMM gleaned from my experiences over the years.

Planning For The Show

The NAMM Show is a sensory overload – the sights, the sounds, the drums – oh the drums, please make them stop! Once the show starts you will have little time or energy for anything else. So be sure to take care of necessities in advance because you will not want to leave the show to run an errand.

  1. Bills – pay all bills and have as much available balance on credit and debit cards as possible
  2. Cash – get $200 spending money for parking, meals, trinkets – for many things its just easier to use cash
  3. Gas – if driving in every day start with a full tank
  4. Clothes – plan your wardrobe for the complete show so that each day is ready to go. You won’t have time to do laundry once the show starts.
  5. Shoes – get some comfortable shoes that will feel good for 8+ hours a day. For men, Kenneth Cole makes a line with “Silver Technology” soles that can be worn all day and night – and they are stylish as well.
  6. App – the NAMM show app is an indispensable tool for your smart phone. Download it now and get familiar with its functionality.
  7. Hair – do your hair color and trip to the stylist the week before the show so that you look just right and natural
  8. Teeth – plan to see your dentist for a cleaning the week before the show – but don’t initiate any dental work unless its an emergency.
  9. Vision – if its time for new glasses do it before the show – order contacts.
  10. Briefcase – if you need to carry papers and business cards, get a light weight shoulder bag. You’ll want your hands free.
  11. Cards – order business cards now and leave the box in your car so that you can refill as needed.
  12. Breath mints – can’t have too many of these.
  13. Deodorant – make sure you’re in stock of this and any other grooming necessities
  14. Medications – be sure to have an ample supply of meds that you take on a regular basis and keep them in your carry bag or on your person

Next – Get in Shape

…more on this in part 2




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