July 12, 2024

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The 5.4 upgrade includes iZotope RX integration, Meta Commands, Stream Deck Plus & Pedal support, Scheps MOMDeck, EUCON integration, and a first-to-market Virtual Assistant.

SoundFlow, the leading provider of workflow automation software for the music, film and professional audio industries, releases version 5.4 of their flagship product, SoundFlow Cloud Pro.

SoundFlow is changing the way audio professionals work by creating tools to automate workflows. Developed to eliminate the headache and simplify the process, SoundFlow Cloud Pro gives users complete control over their DAW, automating click heavy tasks and assigning functions to a single button on a touch surface, MIDI or Stream Deck controller. With access to over 2,000 prebuilt macros, commands, and decks created to cover all major functions of Pro Tools and iZotope RX; users never have to experience another lengthy workflow unless they choose to.  

In addition to official iZotope RX integration, the SoundFlow 5.4 release offers more flexibility and customization through a powerful new Meta Commands feature, a first-of-its-kind AI powered Virtual Assistant, and Stream Deck Plus & Stream Deck Pedal support. SoundFlow 5.4 also adds the Scheps MOMDeck to the app store – a virtual MOM emulator deck created by Andrew Scheps, providing unprecedented control over audio routing of DADman devices from just about any controller.

SoundFlow 5.4 release features:

iZotope RX Integration

  • Over 30 pre-installed iZotope RX decks designed for Stream Deck or any touch surface.
  • 300+ built-in commands and customizable presets.
  • Access all iZotope RX menu items with a single click.
  • Quickly recall iZotope RX Module, Module Chain Presets and Batch Processor presets.
  • Open, Learn, Render, and Close iZotope RX modules.
  • Quickly select Edit tools on the fly.
  • Send audio from Pro Tools to RX to process it with your favorite RX modules, then return it to Pro Tools with just a few clicks.
  • Export audio file(s) with custom settings.

Meta Commands

  • The new meta commands allow users to configure dynamic decks using functionality from different SoundFlow integrations. Each meta command can render its icon dynamically to show feedback from the computer, so that the icon on your Stream Deck or mobile device always precisely reflects the value in the app it’s controlling.
  • Assign the knobs on Stream Deck Plus to control things like system volume, Pro Tools faders, Soundminer volume, Soundly volume, talkback mics, A/B listening, and much more.

Virtual Assistant

  • Stop using your keyboard entirely, and let your voice do the work!
  • Hold down a key, Stream Deck button or foot pedal while speaking and SoundFlow’s Virtual Assistant will automatically type what is said, including punctuation, into whichever app it is focused.
  • Dictate emails, notes, texts, Slack messages…anything you want, in a much more intuitive way.

Scheps MOMDeck

  • Virtual MOM emulator Deck by Andrew Scheps exclusive to SoundFlow.
  • Control DADman from Stream Decks and other hardware devices.
  • Access all layers of a MOM monitor profile, toggle outputs and sources, even control the volume from a Stream Deck or MIDI knob.
  • Use momentary devices like Stream Deck buttons or foot pedals to control talkback.

Stream Deck Plus & Pedal Support

  • SoundFlow 5.4 adds support for the new Stream Deck Plus & Pedal devices. The Stream Deck Plus device includes a wide LCD screen and 4 knobs in addition to 8 buttons with LCD displays known from the traditional Stream Deck set up. The Stream Deck Pedal has 3 foot switches that can be assigned to SoundFlow commands.
  • Through the new meta commands feature, the knobs on the Stream Deck Plus can be assigned to control dynamic properties in many different apps, including Pro Tools, Soundminer, Soundly.

EUCON Integration

  • Thanks to our close collaboration with Avid, it will be possible to launch SoundFlow macros, scripts and decks, directly from the soft keys of any EUCON enabled control surface, no matter which application is focused. This feature is available with the next release of EuControl.

The new SoundFlow 5.4 update, including iZotope RX, Meta Commands and support for Stream Deck Plus & Pedal, is free for all SoundFlow Cloud Pro, Business or Enterprise users. The Scheps MOMDeck is a paid app, available on the SoundFlow App Store. The Virtual Assistant app is a free app available on the SoundFlow App Store.

For more information about SoundFlow and its latest features, or to download a free trial please visit soundflow.org.

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