June 13, 2024

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Posse Audio is Your Personal on Stage Monitor Mix

posse unitThis is the perfect solution for solo performers who have little to no time for setup at the gig. I tried the unit at NAMM 2011 and it sounds fantastic. The unit is so complete in features – they left nothing out – it includes everything you need to control how you hear yourself on stage and more. My favorite feature is the built in ambient room mic that allows you to dial in just the right amount of “room sound”. Set up is quick and easy and the system uses standard non-proprietary cables and connections for easy replacement and customization if you need longer – or shorter – cable runs.

The complete system retails for $499 and includes everything you need to hook it and carry it to the gig. This may seam expensive, but when you see the quality, features and how it can improve your stage performance – its a good value. I’d like to see them come out with a scaled down version – maybe with no tuner – to make cost of entry a little easier.

Built for Musicians by Musicians

Watch the video as singer/songwriter Randy Sharp, “Why Does It Have to Be Wrong or Right” and “A Tender Lie” recorded by Restless Heart, explains how the system works.

Features of Posse Audio!

  • Ideal for stage, studio, or personal practice
  • Control everything you hear onstage
  • Consistent sound, every venue, every time
  • No more feedback from floor monitors
  • Quick and easy setup in minutes
  • Hear the audience with built-in stereo mics
  • Acoustic instrument condensor microphone
  • Line-of-sight chromatic tuner
  • Control stage mix or studio feed
  • Stereo instrument inputs
  • Convenient beltbox
  • Record your performances
  • Peak limiter protects your hearing
  • Built-in direct box
  • Phantom power for condensor mics
  • Play your own break music with MP3 player
  • AC adapter or battery
  • Designed by musicians for musicians
  • Made in the USA

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