Nightclub Band and Booking Contract

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Sample of Musician and Band's Booking Agreement


THIS CONTRACT, entered into on this __________th day of ________, 20______ , is for the personal services of the Musician(s) for the performance described below.

The undersigned establishment/business owner and the undersigned musician(s) agree and contract as follows:


NAME OF MUSICIAN(S)/BAND: __________________________________

NUMBER OF MUSICIAN(S): __________________________________


Name of establishment: _____________________________

Owner/Manager of establishment: _____________________

Address: ________________________________________

City: ___________________________________________

Zip Code: _______________ State: ___________________


Date: ____/____/____. Start Time: ____:____. End Time: _____:_____

Date: ____/____/____. Start Time: ____:____. End Time: _____:_____

Date: ____/____/____. Start Time: ____:____. End Time: _____:_____

Date: ____/____/____. Start Time: ____:____. End Time: _____:_____

Date: ____/____/____. Start Time: ____:____. End Time: _____:_____

Date: ____/____/____. Start Time: ____:____. End Time: _____:_____


I have heard the band or singer played and I am satisfied with their performance.

I would like to pay a _____% DEPOSIT: $__________ Deposit is non- refundable

after ___/___/____. It is only refundable is the band is not able

to perform of such date(s). ____/____/____.

Balance is due at the end of each gig or performance $_____.

Additional payment terms: Percentage of the Bar: _________%

and or Door cover charges.  _____%.

Cash payment: $ ______, Artist/band member: _____________________ (Signature)

Final payment: $ _______ with Zero balance.


FREE PASSES FOR BAND AND STAFF for gig promotion is provided.

Number of passes: _________

This contract constitutes a complete and binding agreement between the employer and the musician(s). AGENT acts only as agent and assumes no responsibility as between the employer and the musician(s).

2. In case of breach of this contract by establishment, the Owner or

establishement __________ (name of company) agrees to pay the amount

stated in Section 1 as mitigated damages, plus reasonable attorney’s fees,

court costs, and legal interest.

3.The Owner or Employer agrees to be responsible for harm, loss, or damage of any kind to musician(s) person or property while located at the place of performance

(Musican and Establishment to take picture of equipment set-up for their own files)

Establishment will carry an insurance certificate for the instrument

and or band property while the contract is enforce on said dates.

(Only applies when property is left overnight)

4.The persons signing for Establishment and the Musician(s) agree to be

personally, jointly and severally liable for the terms of this contract.

___________________________ ___________________________,___/___/__
for Establishment Owner/Agent for Musician member/Artist              Date is not a legal or a law firm. This sample contract is provided for you to use as an example. Use it as a guide. Having a contract makes everything clear to both parties. Be sure to provide complete information and be specific. Type of songs your are going to play, stage lighting, sound checks, etc.

Musicians nightclub booking agreement

Musicians contract – a great sample contract for nightclub booking.

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