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Everybody loves a free concert – even the band if they get paid. Most free concerts are corporate sponsored or civic sponsored to promote a brand or add value to a community. Be sure to check the free concert calendar at for free concerts and events in your area. This feed is brought to you by MyFreeConcert.

MyFreeConcert is your one stop destination for finding free concerts and ticket giveaways across New York and beyond. Conceived in 2010, the site has since exploded across New York City and is now serving the entire Greater New York area. The concept came from site founder Andy Meyers, who wanted to keep his friends informed about free and cheap shows going on across the city.

If you like free booze and free music you’ve come to the right spot!

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Note: Events may change at anytime without notice. Check directly with venue for details.

Information found on this site has been taken from public records, given by responsible officials of the venues listed or from other reliable sources. has made a reasonable attempt to insure that the information contained within it’s concert listings, web content, FREE Listings, Concerts, and other Content is accurate. is not responsible for fire, rain, weather, artist, artist management, location and/or building, mud slide, riot, earthquake, tsunami, act of GOD, alien abduction, flat tire, ran out of gas, scheduling changes or any other reason that the activity is not available as described at the time, place and/or date indicated. A phone number has been provided when possible for you to call ahead and confirm. is only a service to provide this information and does not promote or take responsibility for any action that takes place at the venues listed. does not provide information on activities where the primary theme is of a religious or political nature. will not knowingly give information on any illegal activity. does not endorse or make any recommendation as to any venue or artist.

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