NAMM 2022 News – Tierra Audio Introduces The Twenties Condenser Microphone

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The essence of the 1920s, in a futuristic design.

Years later, that golden decade of our history would be known as
“The Roaring 20s”.

After more than a year of research and development, the result of our vision is a high-end studio and live condenser microphone with a powerful sound and unmatched aesthetics that retains the glamour and elegance of The Roaring Twenties, along with the technological sophistication demanded by this new century.

The time has come to live with happiness, passion and good music these “new 20s”.

At the end of 2020, motivated by the hard situation the world was suffering, we set out to pay tribute to the tireless spirit of self-improvement with which the women and men of the 1920s faced the many difficulties that their particular beginning of the century put in their way.

Esther Gutiérrez & Javier Pascual
TIERRA Audio Founders

A powerful sound within the reach of most.

There are many factors that make a microphone capture and reproduce the sound in a more or less transparent or colored, with more or less background noise, with more body or flat.

The New Twenties gives you a warm, deep and creamy sound, rich in harmonics and with the right balance of brightness in treble that will bring to your musical recordings and professional voiceovers a rounded sound body, both in studio and live, but always with the important dose of definition and presence that modern productions demand.

A huge engineering effort with great professionals in the industry who have collaborated with us in the development and sound modeling of this microphone, and that has allowed us to obtain the color and timbre personality we dreamed of since we started with the idea of this challenging product.

Visual and sound personality, in limited edition and with an irresistible price.

Made in Spain with the help of the best.

To guarantee the final quality of our microphones, we make technical decisions based on objective data that have been tested and validated over the years.

The capsule that captures the sound in the New Twenties is made in the USA from the highest quality materials.

We put the enormous sensitivity of the expert hands and ears that have equipped some of the most legendary and renowned microphones in the industry at the service of your music.

Absolutely premium sound. No shortcuts, no reservations. 

The peculiar line transformer that incorporates the New Twenties provides the imposing harmonic richness of its sound, essential to achieve that unique texture in your voice: rounded, warm, creamy and present.

We know it’s not common to use line transformers in microphones (electronics purists will be pulling their hair out right now), but at TIERRA Audio we are electronics nuts and we love the exciting ‘black magic’ they bring to the enveloping dynamics of the timbre, and the attractive psychoacoustic effect they produce. Sounding good is what matters.

Our friends at Lundahl® specialize in audio and have been making the world a better place since 1958 with their handmade-in-Sweden transformers.

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