NAMM 2022 News – Oberheim is Back After 40 Years With An Updated OB-X Analog Synth

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The Oberhiem OB-X8 was made possible in part by the return of the Oberheim trademark to Tom Oberheim by Uli Behringer in 2019

Wow, we’ve waited a long, long time for this update – and appears to be worth the wait. The OB-X8 contains all the magic of the revered OB-X with modern enhancements to carry it into and beyond 2022.

Watch the video to see Marcus Ryle, from the original OB-X development team, give the overview of the OB-X8

The audio signal path of the OB-X8 is all analog, filled with warmth and punch. It’s the same trademark Oberheim sound that made iconic tracks like 1999 by Prince, Jump by Van Halen, and Tom Sawyer by Rush so unforgettable. And now it’s yours to enhance your own music.

Creating the classic OB sound required more than just replicating vintage oscillators, filters, and envelopes.

The Oberheim design team exhaustively analyzed and recreated the complex interactions between the various components of each OB-series synth to capture their nuances and character.

The result is the most faithful, authoritative renewal of an analog classic possible — with all of the warmth, subtlety, and presence of the originals.

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