NAMM 2022 News – Auratone Introduces An Active Version of Their Iconic Super Sound Cube

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The Auratone 5C Active Super Sound Cube 4.5 inch Reference Monitor is the companies first ever active monitor speaker

For decades, Auratone’s speakers have offered studios around the world a way to hear their music through a brutally honest lens, devoid of any sleek, sound-enhancing sheen. Auratone’s 5C Active Super Sound Cube with Integrated Power Amplifier delivers the same honest sound of the original 5C, but with a high-end 50-watt mono amplifier designed in collaboration with Bettermaker. This monitor pair boasts 4.5-inch, full-range drivers that deliver a flat, true-to-life response. As much as we love our hi-fi rigs here at Sweetwater, the reality is that most listeners will hear your music through phones, car speakers, and other less-than-optimal setups. Auratone’s 5C Active Super Sound Cubes are a powerful tool to ensure your tracks sound great, no matter the playback medium!

50-watt integrated power amp

Auratone 5C Active Super Sound Cubes sport a custom integrated power amp, designed in conjunction with legendary high-end audio equipment manufacturer Bettermaker to get the best out of your Auratones. This amp captures everything that made the original outboard A2-30 such a perfect pairing with Auratone’s 5Cs, but with the all-in-one convenience of an active speaker design. Of course, 50 watts are more than enough to drive the 5C Active Super Cube’s 4.5-inch speakers, giving you a blunt, honest reproduction of your sound.

Auratone 5C Active Super Sound Cube with Integrated Power Amplifier Features:

  • 2 speakers with 4.5-inch, full-range drivers that deliver an exceedingly honest “real-world” sound
  • Integrated 50W, 8-ohm amplifier for an all-in-one setup right out of the box
  • Perfectly captures the sound of the original Auratone 5C
  • Wide 80–15,000Hz full-range frequency response
  • Overheating, short, and overcurrent protection to protect your speakers from accidental damage
  • Proudly made in the USA

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