July 18, 2024

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Michael-Kelly-LogoThe original founder of Michael Kelly Guitars has acquired the brand from Hanser Music Group. The Florida-based group that is taking over Michael Kelly Guitars is led by the company’s original founder, Tracy Hoeft. Hanser Music Group purchased Michael Kelly in 2004 and has grown the brand as one of its many exclusive brands.

Michael Kelly Guitars was founded in 1999 with a focus on creating instruments that were unique in appearance and sonic performance. The brand quickly became known for its visually stunning instruments and gained a strong market share in specialty areas including f-style mandolins and acoustic basses. Under the Hanser Music Group management, the selection increased as did the global footprint.

“I am incredibly excited to get my baby back,” proclaimed Mr. Hoeft. He continued, “We are acquiring back a stronger brand from Hanser Music Group than we sold them 11 years ago. That is not the norm in any industry and it’s really exciting. We are thankful to Hanser for being great stewards of this brand and for allowing it to return to its founders.”

This transaction is part of Hanser Music Group’s continued evolution. As their business grows in new areas, they continue their migration toward a tighter business focus. That new focus drove the decision to sell the Michael Kelly brand.

Hanser president Gary Hanser explained, “This is a great arrangement for all involved. We have had a long and positive relationship with the Hoeft family and sincerely care about the Michael Kelly brand. This outcome is the true win-win that we were hoping for.”

Tracy Hoeft promises some big changes are coming to Michael Kelly Guitars. “Times have changed and opportunities for a specialty brand like Michael Kelly have never been better. We value our long-term relationship with consumers and how they have driven us to be the guitar company that puts boutique within reach. We are very much committed to that position.”

All Michael Kelly operations will move to the new Michael Kelly Guitars entity on April 6, 2015.

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