June 13, 2024

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Only 10 Marco Polo guitars will be made and 4 have already been pre-sold for only 100,000 each…get yours quick!

Paoletti Guitars of Italy is making history with one of the most beautiful handmade musical instruments the world has ever seen! The Marco Polo 700th Anniversary project can only be described as a masterpiece born through the vision of Mr. Fabrizio Paoletti, one of the guitar world’s most talented luthiers.

What makes Paoletti guitars so unique in the crowded landscape of other guitar makers is that their instruments are crafted from centenarian Italian chestnut wood that is primarily sourced from the Paoletti family’s 19th century Chianti wine barrels and aged approximately 130-170 years.

In commemoration of the 700thanniversary of Marco Polo passing, this project features nearly 2800 pieces of authentic Italian mother of pearl inlays in each guitar, depicting the famed explorer’s voyage of 1271. This painstaking process requires over one full year of careful production by Mr. Paoletti and his team. As a result, only 10 guitars will be available worldwide at a price tag of €100,000 each. Four of these guitars have already been cordially requested and pre-ordered at the behest of a couple of the most legendary actor/musicians, who shall remain anonymous until the world-wide unveiling of the Marco Polo project in Venice in May 2024. 
Each guitar will be hand delivered to its owner in a custom display piece showcasing the beauty and detail of the guitar.Owners will be invited to attend the official premier in Venice, where the unveiling of the Marco Polo project will take place at Ca’ Rezzonico Palace. An event , never seen before in the guitar’s world.

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