July 21, 2024

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Time: Starts at 5 P.M.


Victor Zaragoza Hot 92.3

Rick Lazano from Fox 11,

DJ Jake, during our 9th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Grand Opening

When: Saturday, November 20th. Starting at 5pm

Live performances by

  • Charice from GLEE, singer
  • 13-year old singing sensation Cody Simpson
  • The famous Rockettes
  • El DeBarge – R&B superstar
  • the arrival of Santa Claus.

Come join the fun.

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1 thought on “Live Music with Charice

  1. Just viewed the video of the event and it is amazing how the fans stand out in the rain. Live performance was great even in the cold and wet weather. Family and friends cheered with Santa as they lite the Christmas Tree. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas

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