July 18, 2024

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This Swedish take on the venerable Teletronix LA-2A promises modern reliability with vintage sound at an affordable price

Boutique recording equipment maker Lindell Audio is proud to announce availability of its LiN2A Vintage Leveling Amplifier — authentically reproducing the tonal quality and ease-of-use of the de-facto dynamics processor of the past 60 years with its latest exquisitely engineered release ready for today’s studio setups — as of December 6…

As an aptly-named Vintage Leveling Amplifier that is …proudly designed in Sweden — as accentuated on its no-nonsense front and rear panels, respectively, the ’2A-style compression of Lindell Audio’s LiN2A forgoes the conventional ratio, attack, and release controls of other compressors in favor of a simple two-knob — GAIN (up to 40dB ±1dB) and PEAK REDUCTION — control scheme with program-dependent responsiveness for instant results. Reality dictates that it is impossible for anyone to make it sound bad, but that simple interface belies its versatility.

The LIN2A features a Black Lion Audio T4BLA Custom T4B optocell element

Thanks to its superlative Black Lion Audio T4BLA Custom T4B optocell element, the LiN2A can effortlessly deliver smooth gain reduction and transparency — think transparent level-smoothening for silky vocals or adding a bit of bite and weight to bass and kick tracks. Creatively combining this with a dynamically responsive Compress (≈3:1) or hard Limit (∞:1) Mode makes for true tube-driven optical compression and limiting with ultra-fast attack and level-dependant release — dictated by that Black Lion Audio T4BLA Custom T4B optocell element, effectively reproducing the tonal quality and ease-of-use of the de-facto dynamics processor of the past 60 years, meticulously manufactured for today’s studio setups.

Readily rounding out this exquisitely engineered 2U rack-mount design — duly housing two US-manufactured Cinemag transformers — is a front panel-positioned vintage-style VU (Volume Unit) meter with Output +4, Output +10, and Gain Reduction metering options, as well as rear panel-positioned INPUT and OUTPUT on balanced ¼-inch TRS jacks to ensure easy connectivity between the LiN2A and other hardware. Hearing and seeing what the LiN2A does so well is clearly a given.

Where to buy:

A RAD Distribution company, Lindell Audio’s LiN2A is shipping and available at a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) of $699.00 USD — RAD Distribution is also the exclusive North American distributor for Lindell Audio products (http://www.raddist.com/lindell-audio.php) — and an SRP (Suggested Retail Price) of €929.00 EUR — including VAT (Value Added Tax) — in the EU (European Union).

For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated LiN2A webpage here: https://lindellaudio.com/en/products/lin2a

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