June 22, 2024

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Alex Lifeson’s signature two-channel overdrive/boost now available from Mojotone

Alex Lifeson and Lerxst announce that due to popular demand, the Lerxst By-Tor pedal is now available as a full production run. The two-channel overdrive/boost was designed to Lifeson’s exacting specifications as a compact, pedalboard-friendly version of his signature Lerxst OMEGA amplifier with a wide range of boosted, overdriven, and distorted tones available. By-Tor is available now from Mojotone for MAP $295. For more information and to purchase, please visit the Mojotone web store here

Let the fray begin…
LIfeson’s signature 50-watt OMEGA amplifier was designed as a versatile sonic platform offering a wide range of clean and distorted guitar sounds. Seeking a way to bring those same overdriven and distorted tones to pedalboards, Lifeson and the craftsman at Mojotone collaborated on the creation of his first signature pedal – The By-Tor. By-Tor replicates the intensity and growl of the OMEGA with a unique circuit design to put a wide range of overdriven sounds at player’s fingertips. 

The Drive side features interactive Gain, Tone, and Level controls to dial in everything from mild amp-like grit to a fat, soaring lead sound. The Boost side of the pedal is a 6dB JFET-based gain stage that adds shimmer and chime in addition to volume. By-Tor’s order switch also allows players to place the boost either before or after the Drive, allowing for even more gain or a volume bump for lead playing. 

As with all Mojotone products, By-Tor is handcrafted in the USA with top-quality components for years of trouble-free use at home, on stage, or in the studio.

Alex Lifeson with the Lerxst By-Tor, a compact, pedalboard-friendly version of the Lerxst OMEGA amplifier

“By-Tor gives me every distorted sound I’ve come to know and love from my OMEGA amps in a small box,” said Lifeson. “The folks at Mojotone have done a wonderful job capturing OMEGA’s vibe and tonality with something that I can show up to the gig with, plug into any clean amplifier, and get my sound.”

“It’s a killer pedal! Now if only we had the Snow Dog too. Hmm…”

By-Tor Specifications

  • Voiced after the 50-watt OMEGA amplifier
  • Separate Overdrive and Boost Channels
  • Overdrive Channel Gain Range from Light Crunch to Saturated Lead
  • Boost Channel Offers up to 6dB of Gain
  • Toggle Switch to Change Order of Overdrive and Boost
  • Sturdy Steel Enclosure
  • Heavy-duty Footswitches, Knobs, and Jacks
  • 9V DC Negative Center Power
  • Current Draw: 70mA
  • MAP: $295

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