L E A Sings in Color With MXL Microphones

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Singer/Songwriter Relies on MXL’s POP Microphone for Live Stream Performances

Having been singing most of her life, L E A was destined to pursue a career in music. As a pop rock artist, she was looking for a microphone for live performances and the bright neon hue of MXL Microphones’ POP LSM-9 premium dynamic vocal microphones instantly caught her eye. Not only does the mic match her colorful aesthetic on her social platforms perfectly, but it does a superb job of capturing the intimate, warm-toned nuances of her voice. 

“I’m all about bright, eye-catching colors and immediately fell in love with MXL’s POP line when I saw the mics displayed at NAMM 2019,” says L E A. “I started really developing my sound when I began releasing music in early 2020, and I was ready to start performing live. I decided to go with the neon yellow POP mic, and I’m obsessed.”

When L E A received her mic in early 2020, she intended to take the microphone out on the road with her—until the world was forced into lockdown. As the pandemic took over, L E A’s plans for in-person events were cancelled, but that didn’t stop her from doing what she loves. “During the pandemic, I’ve really focused on boosting my online presence, and having this really cool-looking microphone motivated me to start live streaming. I used my POP mic for live streams on Instagram (@lolitslea), for making content on TikTok, as well as for live streaming performances through my partnership with YouNow.” 

Regarding both visuals and audio, L E A holds quality to the highest value. “I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my music and the vibe I want to portray, both acoustically and visually,” says L E A. “Not only does the mic look awesome, but it captures pristine audio and does a great job of picking up the intimate, low-end of my voice—it’s everything I need and more.”

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