Improving Musician’s Online Event/Concert Visibility

How to improve your Event visibility. Letting everyone know your gig.

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Important tips for improving your online Event visibility

These are our top tips for improving your Event visibility. The list is based on research conducted by the industry’s leading experts. The tips are ranked by difficulty level. Some you can do on your own while others may require professional assistance.

Please remember that being visible on the Internet requires ongoing maintenance. Factors that influence your visibility change all the time. We recommend that you stay tuned with us so that you’re always up-to-date on our latest tips.

Tip 1: Claim your Event Web Page Listing

Claim (i.e. verify) your Event/business listings on the relevant online resources (e.g. search engines like Google and Yahoo, and directory sites like CitySearch and Yellowpages).

Why It’s Important

Claiming your Event listing will get you better rankings on search results, show customers the correct information about your Event/business, and prevent your listing from getting hijacked (i.e. edited by someone who is not the business owner).

Easy Steps you need to do.

1. Visit the Event/calendar page and directory sites.

2. Validate and correct your Event/business details as needed.

Tip 2:Update your full and accurate address on all Event/ business directories

As simple as this sounds, hundreds of businesses fail to take this crucial step – which can translate into lost customers and lost dollars. Take the time to check that every relevant site lists your Event/business’s correct address, phone, email, website, and any other contact details.

Why It’s Important

An updated Event and contact generates a sense of trust for customers and search engines, as well as helps more customers find you.

Easy Steps you need to do

1. Check that your listings are consistent across the site. and

Tip 3: Put your business in the right categories or multiple categories

Customers find you either by specifically searching for your business name or, more commonly, by a general search for a product or service you provide.

Why It’s Important

If your business is not listed under the proper categories, you may not be found by customers searching for your Event or service.

Easy Steps you need to do

1. Visit the search Concert/Event and directory sites and check which categories your business or event is listed under.

2. Research – compare how your competitors categorize themselves and familiarize yourself with the categories offered by the search Concert/Event and Business directory.

3. After claiming your business (Tip #1) you may select your categories. Choose all the categories relevant to your business or event so that you’ve covered the range of potential searches.

Tip 4: Include product / service keywords in your local business listing title

This helps customers find your business more easily on search engines (especially if your business name does not spell out what you provide).

Why It’s Important

According to industry research, the highest-ranking businesses on search engines have some variation of their top keywords in their listing title (e.g. plumbing, gardening, towing, etc.).

Easy Steps you need to do

1. Choose your business listing title carefully – incorporate a keyword as naturally as possible.

2. Be consistent – update your listing titles across all the relevant sites.

3. Consider consulting an expert – a professional can best assess a reasonable combination of keywords for your business listing title

Tip 5: Get your customers to write online reviews about your Event/business

Ask your customers – on your Event Web Page, in person, or through your literature – to submit an article on mikesgig reviews about you.

Why It’s Important

Reviews about you helps increase your online visibility. It will also build credibility, good word-of-mouth, and draw in new customers.

Easy Steps you need to do

1. Any time you have a satisfied customer, ask him/her to take a moment to review you or leave a comment.

2. Make it easy – provide your customer with the link(s) to post their review.

Tip 6: Engage your customers online by creating a BUZZ

Create more “buzz” around your Event/business. You will see what your customers have to say and how you can improve your business.

Why It’s Important

Online reviews of your business are an increasingly influential factor in your business’s online rankings, and therefore your visibility.

Easy Steps you need to do

1. Read your online reviews. Answer any question or blog on the Event/Business page. Learn what customers like and don’t like.

2. Respond to your reviews. Engaging in a dialogue shows that you take your customer service seriously, and can impress new potential customers.

Tip 7: Use Social Networks

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • MySpace,
  • e-mail to stay in touch with current customers and attract new customers.

As social networks gain overwhelming volumes of traffic and attract more and more users, you have a ripe opportunity to connect with many potential customers. Your Concert/Event page has all the link ready to create a viral marketing for you.

Why It’s Important

Many businesses gain visibility through social sites. They are a popular forum for engaging in dialogue, organizing groups, and sharing recommendations (and warnings). Customers may be more inclined to interact with you if you are open to communicating through these sites. This will also allow you to form a community for your business – a way to communicate with existing customers, advertise sales or specials, and be visible to potential customers.

Easy Steps you need to do

1. Unless you are a savvy social web user, you may want to consult an expert to familiarize yourself with the various features of these sites and avoid any practices that may turn off potential customers.

2. Once you’re comfortable navigating these sites, be sure to sign online to them regularly. MikesGig offers a program for your Social Media.

Tip 8: Advertise Online – Use Banners and/or Adsense

Today’s online advertising options allow you to buy traffic and measure your ROI (return on investment) per advertising campaign.

Why It’s Important

There is a limited amount you can do to drive organic traffic to your site (traffic that arrives naturally) in a relatively short time. If you want to boost your online visibility (especially if you want to see immediate results), you should consider advertising online in order to increase your exposure amongst your target market.

Easy Steps you need to do

1. Research your options, such as PPC (pay-per-click campaigns) versus traditional paid advertising.

2. Consider consulting an expert regarding the key message, content, and design of your ad/banner/landing page.

3. Consider consulting an expert as to how to wisely buy traffic, gain positive ROI and measure which investments have been effective.

Tip 9: Create a Clean, Coherent Event/Business Web Page with content that targets your keywords

A webpage is a critical factor in determining online presence. More and more small and medium-sized businesses have created websites, even if they are extraordinarily basic.

Why It’s Important

It’s the reality that most consumers today expect a business to have their own website. A website is a one-stop, convenient destination to answer all the customer’s questions – who you are, what you offer, your contact details, rates, updates, news and specials.

Note – your website can be as simple as a homepage with your logo and contact details. Even if you don’t operate a store-front business you should still have a website. It offers an accessible face to the Internet-savvy consumer, and you want to be visible to them.

Easy Steps you need to do

1. If this is your first time creating a Even/Business web page, we highly recommend you consult an expert. The process involves technical, functional and marketing aspects which you will want to set up as successfully as possible.

2. A good start is a nice, static site – use a clean, unified design to show your Event/business web page is professional and well-organized. Make sure it is user friendly and that the content incorporates all your business information, some customer reviews. MikesGig Event/Business pages are has a build in SEO (search engine optimization) readiness.

3. As your business grows, you can develop your Even/Business Web page site. Make it more interactive and invest in SEO to take full advantage of your online exposure potential .

To help you get going, we picked the best experts specializing in online marketing for small music businesses

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