June 14, 2024
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Dont just stand there! Engage your fans!

Every aspiring singer should know that just standing and singing well on stage will rarely keep your audience engaged and interested in your performance. Here are some tips to help you play music and deliver a great show.

  1. Feel it in your heart: Love the songs you sing. It’s common sense, but if you do not have your heart and soul in a song you will come off as fake and/or cheesy. Even if it’s a cover, try to relate to the lyrics and the feeling as much as possible. It’s amazing when you feel the song, doing so will help you not forget the lyrics, the fans would feel it too. A way to do that is to connect it with you life. Then you can really express it. Your Fans will love you. If you hate the song, but the other band members love it – then think of loving your fans, they bring in the money that help you feed everything that you do. Then love the fans, BUT love the song. It will make your band members love you to.
  2. Engage your fans, show that you’re having a great time with them, look at them, smile only when it’s right. Even the most “emo” acts need to look like they’re having a good time, because moodiness does not come over well to the audience. Let them see you are having a great time, and the effect will rub off on them. This doesn’t mean you can’t change up the feel for different songs, it just means you shouldn’t look serious the whole time you are performing.
  3. Move around! If you constantly move, even just a little bit, your motion will attract the audience’s eyes. Good examples of singers who moved around a lot include Taylor Swift, Bruno Max, Black eye peas, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Pink, Michael Jackson – God Bless him, Mic. Look up some of your favorite artists on Youtube to see what they do on stage, make a decision what you’re going to do. Rehearse it with your band, solo artist – practice in the mirror and ask someone to watch you. Get the idea from a good show that you know the fans love. Steal moves from the big guys. Take some pointers from well-known singers. Don’t copy one person, and don’t copy their whole routine. Take the bits that you enjoy the most and make them your own.
  4. Don’t look at your guitars or instrument. Look up. Learn to use facial expressions and engage your fans. Be careful not to tighten your throat or do other actions that would inhibit good vocal technique!
  5. The stage belong to all the band members. Everyone must engage. If you don’t your going to feel left out. Practicing everyone’s move will really help. Share the spotlight. Having everyone engaging the fans will really promote your group.
  6. Talk to your audience. Say something about the city you’re in. Be sure to say something you know and have it approve by the band members. If you involve the audience, they will be forced to pay attention. Sing a line, then make the audience sing it back. Get the audience in on the songs. Talk to them, then tell them you can’t hear them. Ask them to say it again 2 times the most. Do this trick once in an event.

Good Luck and have a great time playing music and build a following.

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