June 14, 2024

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The Ultimate Solution for Tremolo Stability and Effortless Tuning

Meet the future of guitar tuning – Graph Tech Guitar Labs introduces the Un-Lock Nut, transforming the way you use tremolo. Locking nuts have always been a necessary evil for guitarists with a locking tremolo system. Love them or hate them, they’re essential – until now.

The Un-Lock Nut revolutionizes tuning. Forget about Allen keys and the hassle of fine tuners. With the Un-Lock Nut paired with locking tuners, tuning is as simple as turning the machine heads. Plus, a broken string won’t be a “Oh No!” monument.

Advanced Slot Design: Our reimagined slots perfectly accommodate the unique string behavior on Floyd Rose-style guitars, ensuring precision and stability.

Precise Radius Matching: Lock nuts from various manufacturers often miss the mark on radius accuracy. With the Un-Lock Nut, select the perfect radius for your guitar. Crafted from Black TUSQ XL, it allows for individual string height adjustment, ensuring unmatched precision.

Customizable String Heights: The Un-Lock Nut stands out with its ability to be customized for each string’s height, offering the adaptability of a standard TUSQ XL nut.

Graph Tech founder Dave Dunwoodie shares, “Everyone loves a whammy bar, and our Black TUSQ™XL, combined with this innovative design, redefines the tremolo system. It maintains tuning stability and offers complete access to the guitar’s machine heads.”

Optimized for Floyd Rose: Designed for Floyd Rose-style bridges and locking nuts, the Un-Lock Nut integrates seamlessly, requiring no guitar modifications.

Enhanced String Stress Distribution: Its extended ramps distribute string stress more evenly, infused with triple the self-lubrication for a friction-free glide, without affecting the nut slot integrity.

Cost-Effective for Manufacturers: The Un-Lock Nut isn’t just a player’s dream; it’s a boon for manufacturers. Its design simplifies installation, increases accuracy in string radii, and boosts customer satisfaction.

Effortless Installation: Installing the Un-Lock Nut is straightforward. Just sand the ends for a flush fit and use a bit of white wood glue. No guitar modifications are needed.

Available Sizes: Currently offered in FR Original #2 and FR Original #3/#4 sizes, with 12” and 16” options on the horizon.

Embrace the future of guitar tuning and performance with Graph Tech’s Un-Lock Nut – a game changer in the realm of tremolo systems.

TUSQ™ Black XL Unlock Nut

MSRP US$29.95

Available: Now

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