July 21, 2024

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Graph Tech Guitar Labs has reached an out-of-court settlement with Steel Series, a Denmark-based manufacturer of gaming peripherals and headsets, regarding the use of Graph Tech’s TUSQ-registered trademark

The settlement is a stunning outcome for Graph Tech, as the size of the company that they were up against has deep resources to drag this out for a considerable period of time.

This out-of-court settlement, in which Steel Series has agreed to stop using the TUSQ brand name on a line of gaming headphones, which is sold worldwide. Graph Tech has agreed to a one-year transition phase for Steel Series to sell its current inventory. This is a testament to Graph Tech’s commitment to protecting its intellectual property and ensuring that its customers receive the highest value when investing in Graph Tech products… 

In January 2022, Steel Series was sold to GN Store Nord for 1.25 billion USD… Graph Tech’s refusal to back down on a brand that they have built for 30 years worldwide is a testament to their commitment to their products, customers, and the guitar industry as a whole. 

TUSQ Man-Made Ivory is made from 100% organic polymers. It is made under high heat and pressure to produce harmonically rich guitar nuts, saddles, bridge pins, and picks.  Not only is it consistent from piece to piece, and within each piece, it is specifically formulated to deliver more harmonic content than harvested materials such as bone and ivory. “More harmonically rich tone without the bad karma!” This is a motto Graph Tech stands by.

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