June 14, 2024

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Bass players are already known to be cool, calm and collected, and with new Bass Ratio machine heads from Graph Tech Guitar Labs, they’ll be in full control for tuning on the fly. Among the latest additions to the Ratio brand, the innovative Bass Ratio machine heads are each calibrated to a gear ratio, so each string feels and reacts the same to any tuning adjustment. This synchronized system makes tuning and re-tuning the bass faster and more intuitive.

“I didn’t know tuning my bass could be a recognizably better experience. I love Ratios, and they’re so smooth!” said Nicole Row, bassist for Panic! At the Disco.

Just like the Ratio systems for electric and acoustic guitar, Bass Ratio machine heads are designed with balanced-gear tuning technology. They’re the world’s first bass machine heads to use a double envelope gear design with a hardened steel gear to ensure smooth consistency on the higher ratios. For example, from low B to C on a 6-string, small-diameter post, the gear ratios are 48:1, 36:1, 30:1, 20:1, 18:1 and 16:1. One full rotation of any Bass Ratio key results in approximately one full tone pitch change. Each machine head is amazingly smooth and super strong, and provides an unparalleled tuning experience.

The Bass Ratio product line is comprised of seven sets of machine heads, allowing for customization based on number of strings (4-, 5-, or 6-string bass) and tactile preference, including both Y-style and classic clover leaf chrome buttons.

Players can find Graph Tech’s Bass Ratio machine heads on newly released models from popular bass manufacturers. They can also pick up a set at local retailers or shop online to retrofit their favorite bass. MSRP ranges from $99.99 to $199.95 per set.

To learn more, visit www.graphtech.com or visit our booth #3520 in Hall D during the NAMM Show.

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