June 14, 2024

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Black Mountain Picks has introduced an innovative new guitar thumb pick that utilizes a spring for a better fit and new functionality.

A New Take On Picking

The Black Mountain Pick is built for musicians who enjoy playing with their fingers (fingerstyle) but also enjoy playing with a pick (flatpicking).  

Players love the Black Mountain Pick because it feels like a regular pick, but it also feels like a traditional thumb pick.  

This patented new technology offers several advantages over traditional thumb picks.

1) The spring allows the pick to be flexible so it feels like a regular flat pick

2) The spring clamps the thumb ring around the player’s thumb creating a perfect balance between comfort and stability.

Mike’s Notes:
I love this pick. I have only tried thumb picking a couple of times – I typically play with my fingers and sometimes a flat pick. This device gives you a new tool for expression. It didn’t take long to get used to the feel and it really adds punch and clarity to the thumb strokes. A real winner!

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2 thoughts on “First Spring Loaded Thumb Pick For Guitar

  1. do the picks come in different thickness? How good do they grip your thumb…I finger pick pretty aggressive and like a firm fit.

  2. At the present time they are one thickness .06″ and stiff. Cole told me that he is working on other options. I find that the spring is firm enough for me. Check to see if he has a money back guarantee.

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