July 17, 2024

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Dean Guitars introduces the Edge Select Burled Poplar Satin Natural bass guitar, designed with the most technical and pickiest tone enthusiasts in mind. When Dean’s design team began working on this latest extension of the Select Series, they sat down with a multitude of players across different genres to find out what they were really looking for in their instrument, from tone woods and construction to response and performance. The culmination of this research is the Edge Select, a bass guitar that takes fit and finish to a new level with choice materials and electronics.

The Edge Select starts off with the right combination of strength and beauty, with a light mahogany body and highly figured poplar burl top with walnut center. The double-cutaway body is contoured and stylized for playing comfort with uninterrupted access all the way up the two-octave, 24-fret fingerboard (34’’ scale). The custom-designed neck joint offers an asymmetrical four-bolt pattern and dual-action truss rod. The Edge Select neck is profiled to be fast and sleek with the added stability of 3-pc maple and walnut construction as well as the warmth and style of the pau ferro fingerboard (12’’ radius) with pearloid dot inlays.

Electronically, the Edge Select offers endless options for various genres. DMT (Dean Magnetic Technologies) neck and bridge pickups are built to satisfy the most discerning of gear heads and deliver a clean low-end that cuts through the thickest mix. Controls include five dome black knobs: two for the neck and bridge pickup volumes, and three for the 3-band active EQ, low, mid, and high. Players can dial in whichever tone they need to suit any style, from hard rock to funk to contemporary.
In addition to the popular “E4” model with its traditional 4-string setup, the Edge Select is available in E5 (5-string) or E6 (6-string) configurations. On all three models, a polymer black nut sets the respective string widths: 1 1/2’’ inch on the E4; 1 7/8’’inch on the E5; and 2 1/8’’ inch on the E6. The 6-string E6 model also offers the super-long 35’’ scale for stability and tone in every modern tuning. All Edge Select models are built with Dean’s high-mass bridge that provides extra sustain, and Grover® tuners on the headstock that assist with precise and consistent tuning. Black hardware puts the finishing touch on the edgy aesthetic.

The Edge Select Burled Poplar Satin Natural is the ideal choice for players who seek a professionally designed bass with classic tone and modern attack. Dean packages up the high-end appointments at an affordable street price starting at $729.

To learn more about the new Edge Select and other bass guitars in Dean’s Edge Series, click HERE

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