June 14, 2024

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S.I.T. Strings is proud to announce the release of the FOUNDATIONS line of electric bass strings. The Foundations are built with a newer, stronger core material to create a string that very bright and flexible. The Foundations were designed to be a lower tension string and are therefore very responsive to the touch. These strings will not replace the current lineup of S.I.T. bass strings, but rather complement the line.

In addition, the strings inside the Foundations bass sets are also sealed in an airtight VCI corrosion resistant pouch to keep the strings fresh. The Foundations are available in both Nickel and Stainless in the following gauges 40-100, 45-105, 40-120 (5-String) and 45-125 (5 String). 6-string sets and additional gauges will be available early 2018.

Stop by our booth to check out the new Foundations Bass strings. Made to deliver the perfect combination of brightness and flexibility. Designed with a thinner, stronger core material, the strings are responsive to the touch and flexible. We will have in-booth artist demos with these strings as well as hands on demos. Booth 5633

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