July 12, 2024

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Latest update from uncompromising free drum plug-in platform provides even more sonic options and customized workflows for songwriters and music producers

The latest update in the BFD Player platform, originally launched in October 2023, adds additional drum kits, mix presets and grooves for songwriters and music producers, while providing customized workflow opportunities. ​ 

With an ever-increasing library of expansions packs and the world’s largest collection of acoustic drum samples on the market, BFD represents a compelling solution for achieving drum sounds that are rich in timbral detail and articulation — and suitable for nearly any musical genre.

Enhanced editing capabilities
With BFD Player 1.2, users can simply drag and drop grooves from the Groove Browser right into the drum track. Seamlessly edit tracks with enhanced cut/copy/paste functionality, or split a groove more precisely at the playhead cursor. BFD Player can be used as a standalone virtual instrument, or within your favorite DAW environment. With over 340 grooves created by top drummers and professionally mixed, radio-ready drumsets, BFD can shorten the distance between composition and completion, making users more productive. 

Users are also provided with deep customization options by using 4 built-in macros to adjust a range of mix parameters, or by re-routing the drums for additional processing through your favorite plug-ins.

Eight New Powerful Expansion Packs
With BFD Player 1.2, users are invited to explore eight all-new new expansion packs, each with a unique identity for different genres and musical styles. From smooth and sophisticated jazz tones to heavy metal moods and everything in between, these collections of sounds are able provide a fantastic foundation for your next project — whether it is a melodic pop hit, a powerful rock anthem, or a timeless Americana track. 

To learn more about the expansion packs, please visit https://www.bfddrums.com/bfd-player-expansions/. To get started with BFD Player, users can explore and download the software for free here: https://www.bfddrums.com/drum-software/bfd-player.html

About BFD
Since 2003, BFD has been the virtual drum software of choice for producers, mix engineers, songwriters, and electronic drummers around the world. The original BFD software pioneered a new way of approaching software drums by delivering expressive articulations, rich timbral detail, and in-depth mixing options. BFD has continued to release an ever-increasing library of expansions packs, cementing this software instrument as the world’s largest collection of acoustic drum samples and the most flexible and feature-packed software drum solution on the market.

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