May 17, 2024

With 37 synth-action keys, a vibrant 7” touch display, and CV/Gate I/O, the new Akai MPC Key 37 is equipped with an arsenal of features to empower the next generation of music makers

The standalone music production platform continues to evolve and is ready to usher in a new generation of music-makers by combining a sleek, adaptive hardware layout powered by the legendary MPC workflow.

The Keys to Inspiration
MPC has led the way in music production for decades, empowering music creatives from every genre with rock-solid samplers, drum machines, synths, and more to push the global music industry forward. MPC continues to evolve with one goal in mind; equip the modern music creator with every tool they need to write and create incredibly inspired music.

Senior Product Developer Dan Gill shared “MPC Key 37 picks up the baton and runs with the legacy of the MPC legend, providing integral control and expressive playing in an inviting layout that will fit into any studio setup. MPC Key 37 not only encapsulates the rich history of MPC but is also the first look into the future. We’re proud to announce the next chapter of sampling, MPC Stems support on MPC2 Desktop.”

MPC Stems places the power to dissect audio recordings into fundamental rhythmic, melodic, bass, and vocal components for creative remixing and rearrangement. Extract an acapella from any recording and remix it. Isolate drums and create a rhythm track for sample chopping. Pull out a bass line and build on it to make a grooving hip hop track, all with the press of a button. With MPC Stems, one sample becomes a group of percussive and harmonic building blocks that unlock a whole new creative world for beat-making in MPC.

Powerfully Intuitive Music Creation
Sit behind MPC Key 37 and immediately lay your hands across 37 full-size synth action keyswith aftertouch. These keys aren’t just for playing but for bringing each note to life. Enjoy 3 full octaves to lay big chords or beautiful melodies without overstepping your studio setup. Grab the dedicated pitch and modulation wheels to add some control and shape to your sound. The iconic 16 pad layout features velocity-sensitive RGB pads for finger drumming, sample triggering, lazy chopping, and more. With MPC Key 37, producers and beat-makers, new and experienced alike, can interact with their music however their creative needs require.

MPC Key 37 packs flagship power, featuring the same multi-core processing from the MPC X SE and MPC Key 61. Users can count on accurate sample chopping and trimming, lighting-fast processing, and plenty of room to store loops, drum kits, and key group instruments for instant access whenever you need them. MPC Key 37 is perfectly capable for any modern production thanks to 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage.Even with all its standalone power, MPC Key 37 plays along perfectly with any piece in your studio setup. The extensive I/O panel features connections and ports for almost any modern interface type. Connect line-level instruments, samplers, or synths via ¼” jacks with gain control, sequence CV/Gate enabled hardware with 4 TRS 3.5mm outputs, expand audio and MIDI I/O thanks to the onboard USB-B host port, plus save and store projects externally with an SD card slot. All the hookups needed for MPC Key 37 incorporate your trusted studio pieces into one focused workflow.

Cutting-Edge Sounds & Insert Effects Plugins
Any creator is at the mercy of their sound collection. MPC Key 37 comes loaded with advanced plugin instrument sound engines giving music-makers a versatile toolbox of inspiring sounds.Dive into eight MPC plugin instruments pre-loaded plus choose one (1) plugin from the premium collection to start expanding your library immediately. The premium collection features advanced instruments like Moog Model D and JURA, the sound of the 80s.

For users who prefer sonic shaping tools, choose from powerful multi effects insert plugins like Flavor Pro, AIR Delay Pro, or the incomparable Flex Beat. MPC Key 37 comes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled for fast, wireless updates, downloads, and authorizations of all MPC instrument and insert effect plugins, giving you the power to add features and functionality to your machine immediately.

MPC Key 37 Features

  • Standalone MPC – No Computer Required
  • 37 Full-Size Synth Action Keys w/ Aftertouch
  • 16 Velocity-Sensitive RGB Pads with Poly Aftertouch
  • 2GB RAM, 32GB of On-Board Storage (22GB User Storage)
  • 7-inch High-resolution Multi-Touch Display
  • MIDI In and MIDI Out; 4 TRS CV/Gate Jacks, 8 Outputs Total
  • SD Card Slot for Removable Storage
  • MPC2 Desktop Software with MPC Stems (coming soon) for Mac/PC (included) 
  • Voucher for one (1) premium plugin redemption with new purchase

MPC Key 37 is now available to order through authorized Akai Professional dealers worldwide 
​and through the inMusic Store for $899 USD. Visit to learn more or find a dealer 
​near you.

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