Holloway Bennet Model 4

Stephen Bennett Plays Holloway Harp Guitars at NAMM 2011

The Holloway booth was a real crowd-stopper at NAMM 2011. People were struck by this unusual guitar that has jumped out of the history books and is enjoying a “worldwide resurgence”, according to company founder Scott Holloway.


Noguera Bass Guitars at NAMM 2011

Sebastien Aquilina introduces Christian Noguera and his model YC Yves Carbonne bass designed in 1998. The semi-acoustic fretless models features a mahogany hollow body (acoustic chamber) with spruce top. Piezo sensors inserted into the bridge saddles and a magnetic single coil recreate the sound of the wood.

Derick Sebastian Ukulele Virtuoso

Derick Sebastian shreds on the Ukulele at NAMM 2011. MikesGig was fortunate to video this rare mainland performance at the Fusion Products booth.

Frank Gambale FG1 Carvin Signature Model – NAMM 2011

Guitar. Songs. All about Music. Mikesgig was on hand for the press conference at NAMM 2011 for the introduction of this wonderful guitar. Mark Kiesel and Frank give up the juicy details that make this axe a true gem in the Carvin Custom Shop lineup.