Paul Lairat Bass Guitar

Paul Lairat introduces PL 4 bass guitar in black

Paul Lairat instrument maker
Chemin du rimonet
84100 Orange France
Phone : 00 33 (0) 490 511 256
Contact :
Web site :

We are proud to present the new PL 4 bass in black metallic paint with satin varnish.  She’s always fitted with Delano pickups, John East preamp, ABM and Gotoh hardware and of course DR colored strings.

The body of the bass PL 4 is made with three different woods:

  • splints are in walnut U.S, mahogany and maple
  • body available in walnut U.S, maple and mahogany or maple and mahogany.

The neck of this bass is made with four different woods:

  • back in six folds of maple, one fold of wengé, two folds of mahogany and two folds of walnut.
  • fingerboard in walnut U.S (24 frets)

Coloring : translucent varnish
Weight : 3.8 kg
Scale length : 34.09″


  • GOTOH machines head
  • A.B.M bridges
  • DELANO soapbar pickups
  • Electronic JOHN EAST preamps

Price : Bass PL4 / 4 strings – $4520

Options availables:

  • DELANO pickup Xtender quad coil + $129
  • Duvoisin Bridges + $206

All guitars and basses are handcrafted.
Other coloring and varnishes available according to your request.
Proposed in active or passive mode, in 4, 5, 6 strings and fretless.
Left-handed bass available.

I met Paul at NAMM 2010. Nice guy, awesome basses. The workmanship was superb with unique styling and very usable tonal possibilities. The control location would take a little adjusting.


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