June 13, 2024

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Experience the 3D, navigable audio with the ZYLIA Concert Hall application already available on Oculus App Lab. A live-recorded performance of 34 musicians playing Mozart was captured and implemented to the virtual reality thanks to the ZYLIA 6 Degrees of Freedom Navigable Audio solution.

What does the navigable audio mean?

The navigable audio means that the listener can move freely within the 3-dimensional, virtual space. And in this space, the sound they hear changes smoothly as well, corresponding to the position of their ears (its intensity, direction, height, and even timbre) – exactly like in real life.

What can you experience with the ZYLIA Concert Hall application?

The immersive journey that you will be able to take with the ZYLIA application will let you experience the music on a new level. By using your Oculus headset, you will get the chance to walk through the live-recorded 3D sound scene and smoothly change your listening position. You will be able to move around the concert hall and stand next to any performing artist, represented in the VR environment by static models of musicians. This approach will help you focus on the sound alternations correlated with your movement since you will be able to listen to the orchestra from anyplace – for example, close perspective, the backstage, the stage, or the audience.

How it has been done?

The technology behind the application has been developed by Zylia company. The 6 Degrees of Freedom Navigable Audio solution is a combination of multiple ZYLIA ZM-1S, 3rd order Ambisonics microphone arrays and software plugins for DAWs and game engines. This complete package allows to easily capture the live 3D sound scene and implement it into various immersive audio-visual productions. The key part of the set is the ZYLIA 6DoF Higher Order Ambisonics Renderer. The software allows to playback of the synchronized recordings and listen from any position in the space, thanks to the interpolation algorithm. What is also great about the Renderer is that it can be used independently from the 6DoF hardware – to create navigable 3D assets for many different audio productions. Other important components of the software package are ZYLIA 6DoF Recorder and ZYLIA Ambisonics Converter.

‘We are entering a new era of interacting with art through incredibly realistic, immersive productions – virtual concerts, hyperrealist games, interactive exhibitions. However, if you want to offer your audience a truly realistic experience you need to implement 3D, navigable sound. That is why we developed the ZYLIA 6 Degrees of Freedom Navigable audio solution – to make your projects outstanding. With this combination of hardware and software you will be able to record, synchronize, post-produce and implement the spatial, live-recorded sound to various immersive audio-visual productions like content for VR, AR, movies, games and 360° multipoint streaming’ – says Tomasz Żernicki, CEO of Zylia.

How can you access the ZYLIA Concert Hall application?

To run the ZYLIA Concert Hall application click on the link below:


or go directly to the Oculus website or mobile app and put “ZYLIA Concert Hall” in the searching box.

The detailed guidelines, how to run the ZYLIA application can be also found here:


ZYLIA 6DoF Concert Hall Experience is also available for PC and other VR headsets:


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