July 18, 2024

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Ultra portable USB-powered mobile music creation station for DJs and music producers for Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad

Artesia Pro is proud to release the Xjam with ESI, the ultimate, plug and play, MIDI and USB-powered, mobile pad controller for live performance and music production. New from Artesia Pro’s X-series, the Xjam is feature-packed and designed with an elegant slim and ultra-thin form factor; musicians can easily customize and control their instruments while traveling and performing without sacrificing creativity or reaching new levels of expression! Loaded with recording and editing software – programmers, DJs and music producers have everything they need to get started. Class-compliant and USB powered – Xjam works with Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad. Paired with the Xkey, music producers will have even more versatility to create songs and design sounds. Artesia Pro’s Xjam is now available worldwide from dealers for just $139 USD MAP, and $175 USD MSRP.

Xjam comes loaded with 16 genuine pads that offer a thick and fat feel, plus polyphonic aftertouch

The Xjam is a MIDI and USB pad controller designed for musicians, producers, programmers and DJs. It’s ultra thin design with an anodized aluminum body that gives it a look and feel not found in this category of controllers. 

The Xjam comes loaded with 16 genuine pads that offer a thick and fat feel, plus polyphonic aftertouch. There are six assignable knobs which lets producers take control over a variety of parameters, such as volume, pan, filter, cutoff, and more. Since it works as a fully class-compliant, USB-powered device – musicians can hook it up to their computer, iPhone or iPad totally hassle-free and no additional AC adapter is needed!

Includes DAW and editing software: Bitwig Studio 8-track and Wavelab LE for Mac and PC, also includes Cubasis on the iPhone and iPad. Works seamlessly with your favorite virtual instruments.

Xjam is the second model of the X-Series of Controllers from Artesia Pro and ESI

The Xjam is the latest addition to the award-winning Xkey family of the MIDI keyboard controllers with polyphonic aftertouch, available in 25 or 37-key formats. Used by producers, musicians and educators worldwide.

The Artesia X Family includes the Xkey 25 USB, Xkey 37 USB and Xjam

Add the Xkey to the Xjam and music producers will have a full mobile music creation station. Play melodies with the award winning Xkey ultra mobile keyboard controller. Play drums & control effects with the Xjam. Everything’s right there for building any style of track, anywhere musicians and producers feel the inspiration.

Features and Specs

  • Versatile and flexible with a slim design, ultra thin stylized anodized aluminum pad controller
  • 16 ultra sensitive, backlit  pads with polyphonic aftertouch
  • 3-color pad indicators for velocity and edit/setup operation 
  • 18 assignable 360° encoders accessible via three banks
  • 6 endless rotary encoders, 8 assignable 360° encoders accessible via three banks
  • 48 user-programmable scene presets, which can be recalled instantly, accessible via three banks
  • Works seamlessly with virtual instruments
  • USB-powered: requires no batteries or power supply when connected via USB-C, no AC adapter required
  • Supports all major DAWs
  • TRS 3.5mm MIDI out
  • Standalone operation possible without computer and only USB power
  • USB-C to USB-A cable included
  • USB-C connection to Mac, PC, iPhone or iPad, Class-compliant iOS compatible (or optional camera connection kit)
  • 1/4″ thread to fix it to a stand
  • Free editor and recording software for Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad – Includes Bitwig Studio 8-track and Wavelab LE for Mac and PC, also includes Cubasis LE on the iPhone and iPad
  • Includes everything a musician needs to get started!

Pricing and Availibility 

Where to buy:

Xjam Mobile Pad Controller is now available from dealers and Artesia Pro for just $139 USD MAP, and $175 USD MSRP. For more information on Xjam or the X-series of mobile user products, please visit: https://artesia-pro.com/products/xjam/

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