June 14, 2024

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Wanted Singer/Musician
Win Your AD in This Spot!
Enter Today.

Sign-up. Be sure to put this on the subject. “10 winners”

Sugject: Wanted Singer/Musician

Are you a Winner? What you need to do next.

The Deal: What you need to give us:

  1. Singer/musician or 1 winner per band or band member will win a Ad spot.
  2. Run for 1 month. Start date the first of the month and ends on the 30th or 31st of the month
  3. Rotating Ad will run 5 seconds, rotating with other 12 content
  4. It will be linked on an article or advertorial: You have to submit you content or copy. Plain text only. Example of what to submit. You Bio, history and about your band or career.
  5. Image size: 340 pixels x 250 pixels wide, 72 dpi
  6. What content to submit for the Ad. Name of your band/singer, place where you are performing, when, where
  7. Rules: no nude picture, rated x content
  8. View the layout sample: Article rotating right now on the top page. Titled- “Up coming Even” format. Sample below

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1 thought on “WIN WIN WIN An AD – Calling all songwriter/muscians

  1. Not sure what you are talking about. Are you talking about music or concert information? Let me know which musical information or concert articles you are talking about please.

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