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digital vacuum tube modeling technology

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Virtual Guitar Amp II is available now from Studio Devil!
Can you plan music with authentic tone virtually? Amazing playing music with Virtual Guitar Amp II is now available from Studio D

Download your demo here: FREE

Studio Devil VGA II now features:

  • 18 Improved Preamp Models cover every range of playing styles and modeled using Studio Devil’s proprietary digital vacuum tube modeling technology.
  • Authentic Tone: Gain, Bass, Mids, Treble, and Presence controls that interact with your tone just like on real tube amps!
  • 20 Cabinets selected from the world-renown Red Wire Impulses¨ collection!
  • 2 Studio Quality Modulation Effects: Tremolo and Chorus
  • 2 Delay Effects: Echo Modeler and World-Class Reverb
  • Noise Gate with adjustable Threshold.
  • Built-In Chromatic Tuner to stay in tune.
  • Master Volume control.
  • Incredible tone, simple straightforward interface.

If you already own VGA 1.x or Amp Modeler Pro, then you can get your hands on VGA II for only $29!!! And, new users can purchase VGA II for the same original low price of $79! To purchase your copy, visit us here:

We want to say thanks for supporting us at Studio Devil and for recognizing that we are among the best amp modelers available. It’s been three years since Studio Devil first released VGA, and the success we’ve had since then has been entirely due to you. We want to thank you for giving us the reason to keep pushing for better amp modeling…and for keeping us up on top!

Desire analog…embrace digital!

Studio Devil

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