TC Electronic Announces PolyTune 2

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TC Electronic is announcing the followup to its smash hit PolyTune Pedal by announcing the next step in the polyphonic revolution: PolyTune 2. PolyTune 2 is available August 2013 and retails at €89 SSP / £69 SSP and $99 estimated sales price.

The original PolyTune resonated with guitarists like nothing else and changed the way we look at tuning. Key features, such as polyphonic tuning, bright LED matrix with auto dimming, the tuning magnet which slowed the needle as guitarist approached the correct pitch and the mono/poly technology that sensed whether guitarists played one or six strings and instantly adjusted accordingly cemented PolyTune as the new standard in tuning.

With PolyTune 2, all of these features make a return with a new level of optimization and polish. Plus, some exciting new features have been added. The display is bigger and super-bright, which allows for optimal visibility no mater what the circumstances. Added to that, an ultra-precise strobe mode was added, for unparalleled levels of precision and speed.

Tore Mogensen, Business Manager for Guitar, at TC Electronic adds: “The original PolyTune just struck a chord with guitarists. But we’re all about moving forward and pride ourselves to be smack in the middle of the guitar community.

Those two things, our own need to be better and feedback from the guitar community drove us to evolve the tuning revolution we started.”

PolyTune 2 Main Features

• PolyTune® – Tune all strings simultaneously

• New chromatic strobe tuner – 0.1 cent tuning accuracy

• New bigger and brighter LED display with ambient light sensor

• Drop-D and capo tuning modes

• True bypass with silent tuning

• DC output for powering other pedals

• 3M Velcro for pedal board attachment

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  1. Hi! Nice blog! Anyhow please feel free to read our review/test of Polytune 2:

    While the concept is really great, this second version feels more like an upgrade than a whole new product.

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