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Two Participants at NAMM University Roundtable Single Out 8-track Recorder

Montebello, CA (January 26, 2010): The TASCAM DP-008 was chosen as Best In Show at the NAMM University Roundtable 2010. Two leading independent retailers praised the 8-track Digital Portastudio, which recalls TASCAM’s groundbreaking cassette four-tracks, in the “Gotta Stock It” category.

“It’s a very portable, very small eight-track recorder that can be used for recording fast ideas or with a band,” said George Hines of George’s Music. “It has a built-in stereo condenser mic so you can just bring it to rehearsals. And it fits in a guitar case. It’s that small. It breaks the price-point barrier for anything like it. Instead of needing a computer, here you still have something that’s very convenient and versatile. It is just really well-thought-out. This is like a dream come true for those of us who want to do home recording.” Mike Guillot of Mississippi Music also praised the recorder, as well as TASCAM’s new DR-2d.

The DP-008 8-track Digital Portastudio records up to two tracks at a time from built-in mics or a pair of XLR inputs with phantom power for condenser microphones. Built-in effects include reverb send and two-band EQ for each track, and a dedicated mixdown track is also available. More information is available on the TASCAM website at a www.tascam.com/dp008.

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3 thoughts on “NAMM 2010 – Tascam DP-008 Chosen Best Of Show

  1. I heard about this from my friends, I did not get to see it yet. I would be really nice to hear from some users. Hey mikesgig. any additional info? How did it sound. Is it really sync – no delays?

  2. I place a comment in the wrong place.

    Wow I did not see this. I will check this baby out.

  3. This was a NAMM show best pick. Has full CD quality in 8 channels that fits in the palm of your hand – amazing!

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