Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio Edition with Mic – First Look

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The Sonarworks line of products are designed to calibrate your listening environment to a high level of sonic accuracy. The results are that music creators can produce mixes that sound more professional and music listeners can enjoy the sound accuracy of a recording studio in their phones and speakers.

Reference 4 Studio Edition with Mic

The studio edition series is geared towards music creators. The calibration mic allows you to create a “flat” response in any environment – home studio, office, living room. It will work with any speakers in any space. Back in the day I worked for a company that sold and rented hi-end audio gear. One of our services was EQing listening rooms in homes, studios and night clubs. The tools used were a calibration mic, white noise generator and a dual 31-band graphic EQ. The Reference 4 takes that idea to the next level by not only “reading” the speakers but tuning the room relative to the location of your ears while mixing.

The process is simple and you are guided by on screen and audio prompts as you move the mic to 37 different locations for calibration. No more white noise generator and 31-band EQ required. The calibration software emits a series of tones that facilitate the room tuning process. It is quite easy and the results are fabulous.

Watch me go through the steps to calibrate my monitors. This really works.

After tuning my space – a bedroom/office/studio – I did some critical listening of industry acclaimed mixes. Wow, so much better. You can easily do AB comparisons by turning the app on and off while listening. Alongside what Sonarworks will do for your monitors, they also provide presets that are individually tailored for many popular headphones.

Bottom Line

This is a no brainer must-have for anybody who creates or listens to music. Prove it to yourself with a free trial download. Download the manual.

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