SIT Foundations Bass Strings – Road Test

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SIT strings out of Akron, Ohio has released a new line of bass strings in both nickel and stainless steel in 4 and 5 string sets. I’ve had the pleasure of using a set of their MED LIGHT 5-STRING NICKELs (45-125) for the past several months. They claim to have a “state-of-the-art core material that creates a string that is extremely responsive to the touch” and I would have to agree with that statement.


The first thing I noticed when unpacking the strings from their sealed plastic sleeves is how supple and slippery they feel. They are much like what you would expect in a coated string yet they are not coated. The strings also have a higher than average degree of flexibility – they bend easy and stay in tune.

SIT sealed for freshness
SIT Foundations bass strings are packaged in sealed pouches for freshness


Punchy with a low mid emphasis, nice crispy non-brittle finish and a full low end. I can’t get scientific but they seam to have a higher output than most other strings I’ve used.

SIT Foundations bass strings have red ball ends
Tightly wrapped red ball ends


These SIT Foundations last a long time. 

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a nickel bass string with close to the bite of stainless and the feel of coated without the coating – this is a good choice. They sound good and they last. An overall good value in an American made bass string.

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