Rockn Stompn Updates Sequential Power Strip For Musicians

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This innovative unit includes many of the features found in a rack mount power conditioner minus the rack – the power conditioner for the rest of us! Geared for guitar players, it includes a special circuit to help get the most out of, and protect, vintage gear.


RS-4 PLUS Multi-Mode Power Sequencer adds new sequences for greater versatility

Rockn Stompn has updated the RS-4 sequential power strip and added new power on/off sequence modes designed to expand the unit’s versatility. “Every musician or band’s rig is different and constantly changing. For that reason, we’ve added three new sequence modes to make the RS-4 PLUS more flexible and useful for musicians.” says Kimball Magee of Rockn Stompn.

In addition to Standard Mode, which allows users to set a custom On/Off Delay Sequence from 1-15 seconds, the RS-4 PLUS adds three new on/off sequence modes of operation:

  • Instant On Mode – When AC power is applied to the RS-4, the unit  will immediately begin the On Delay Sequence. This is useful in a stage or studio environment where the RS-4 may not be the main power switch but you still want the instant on convenience of a conventional power strip but with the added advantages of the power sequencer.
  • Receptacle One Always On Mode – In this mode, receptacle one will always be on while the On/Off Delay Sequence for the three remaining receptacles can be set from 1-15 seconds and engaged with the footswitch. This mode is useful to keep any piece of gear on continuously, like a computer or a light.
  • Timer Mode – The unit will automatically shut off power sequentially after a designated number of hours, determined by the on and off delay setting. This mode works well anywhere on a gig, in the studio or retail store to automatically power down gear at the end of the day.


The Rockn Stompn RS-4 PLUS as always provides state of the art surge protector, EMI/RFI noise filtering, power conditioning, and over-voltage/over-current protection, with a fully welded steel enclosure and 15 foot power cord. “Plug all your gear into it. Perfect for guitar, bass, keyboards, and PA.” says Magee. The RS-4 PLUS is American-made and comes with a lifetime warranty.

And for those current owners of the RS-4 who wish to add these new modes, simply send their unit back and Rockn Stompn will update their unit and return it at no charge, for free. Just contact Kimball Magee though the email contact form on website

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