Pigtronix Gloamer All-Analog, Polyphonic Amplitude Synthesizer Pedal For Guitar

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Pigtronix has Introduced the Gloamer, an all new all-analog, polyphonic amplitude synthesizer that alters the attack and decay time of any sound source without sacrificing the fidelity of the original tone. ⁠It promises to be a hi-fi volume swell and compressor.⁠

Watch the video demo of the Gloamer – this pedal is amazing…

Gloamer’s swells, which can be blended with your dry signal, are controlled by its Attack and Decay knobs. When activated, the Attack knob sets the speed at which the swell occurs while the Decay knob determines the speed at which it fades out. When the decay cycle is completed, an auto-reset function causes the attack to begin again immediately, as long as there is audio input. This allows you to create a wide range of undulating, asymmetrical tremolos at slower settings as well as pulsating stutter effects when using faster attack and decay times.⁠

In addition to being a Volume Swell pedal, Gloamer also features a powerful optical compressor that can add subtle punch or extreme sustain, helping to maintain a smooth volume swell effect even with very long attack times.

Knob By Knob

  • Volume: Sets the master output volume of the effect when engaged.
  • Compression: Determines the balance of clean and compressed signal.
  • Blend: Determines the balance of clean signal and effect.
  • Attack: Determines the duration of time it takes for a note to swell in from silent to full volume.
  • Decay: Determines the duration of time it takes for a note to fade out from full volume to silence.
  • Sensitivity: Determines how much input signal is needed to reset the attack and decay cycle.
  • Ready (LED): Signals when the pedal is armed and ready to begin the attack and/or decay cycle.

Where to buy:

msrp $279

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